Getting smoke smell out of clothes is not a cut-and-dried task like cleaning up a spill. Find out how to get smoke smell out of clothes and keep it from ruining your favorite garments.

It’s no secret that the smell of smoke is pervasive. It can leave behind a lingering, unpleasant odor and a heaviness in the air, stinking up furniture, entire rooms, and even your car. Where cannabis smoke can be particularly problematic is when it gets on your clothes; clinging to fabric and bringing a session from the night before into the light of day. 

Getting smoke smell out of clothes is not a cut-and-dried task like cleaning up a spill. It’s hard to know exactly where to begin, what products and materials to use, and how to prevent the smell from coming back. Find out how to get smoke smell out of clothes and keep it from ruining your favorite garments. 

Check the Type of Clothing You’re Wearing 

There is so much information out there about what takes smoke out of clothes, and very little information about what kind of clothing is best to wear around smoke. But the clothing you choose may be the key to preemptively tackling cannabis odor. 

Unfortunately the answer to which fabrics lend themselves better to odor prevention and repelling odor-producing microbes isn’t always as simple as synthetic vs. natural fibers. In a study conducted by Ghent University, researchers found that certain fabrics on both sides of the spectrum repelled odor microbes while others didn’t. 

For example, viscose, a semi-synthetic fabric used in dresses and lightweight shirts and jackets, proved to be very effective against the production of odor. Meanwhile, polyester — think the iconic, white suit from “Saturday Night Fever” — performed the worst in odor-wicking, worse even than wool and cotton. 

While this information may not apply directly to the cannabis smoke issue, it may shed some light on which fabrics will be the most forgiving when exposed to the contents of your favorite strains. To get smoke out of clothes, opt for natural and semi-synthetic materials like cotton and viscose during your next session, and leave your best polyester suit for a different occasion.

Wash Your Clothes Immediately

The key to getting smoke out of clothes is to wash them quickly after they’ve been exposed. Put the garments in a laundry load with like colors and wash on a warm to hot setting. You will need to check your specific garment’s resiliency to temperature in the washer, but warm or hot water should kill any odor-producing microbes that may be contributing to your clothes’ malodor. 

In addition to washing on a warm cycle, white vinegar is another highly effective option to take smoke out of clothes. Simply add ½ a cup of white distilled vinegar to your detergent of choice and wash your clothing. The acetic acid will neutralize the odor molecules in the washer, leaving you to follow up with an odor fighting solution once the clothing is dry.

Use a Natural Odor Eliminating Spray

If you still notice a smell after you take your clothes out of the dryer, you can try a few more methods to get smoke smell out of clothes as they finish drying. Remove your clothes from the dryer right before they’ve completely dried and lay or hang them in the sun. 

UV rays have strong anti-odor properties that will combat the smell of smoke, plus any added breeze or wind will air out your clothing which is always recommended when things smell smokey.

Follow up this effort with a natural odor eliminating product designed to remove odors from cannabis smoke. Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray uses the power of plant essential oils to combat odors from cannabis. Lightly mist your clothing with Cannabolish and allow the formula to naturally absorb volatile molecules that cause smell. 

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