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Cannabolish Featured In ...

Praise for Cannabolish products in these media outlets

Word is getting around about Cannabolish odor eliminators. Whenever a new user gives it a try, they can't help but tell everyone they know about how well they work. These high-profile media outlets are no different.

High Times

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Weed Smoking Nature Lover
"Effective on fabrics and in the air, Cannabolish sprays and signature candle are designed to fit into any lifestyle.”

Aspen Times

High Buy
"Ditch the harsh chemicals of products like Ozium in favor of Cannabolish.”

Gift Guide For On-The-Go
"Cannabolish solves the problem of lingering marijuana smells instantly removes cannabis odors with natural ingredients.”


The Chillest Gifts For Your Favorite Stoner
"Smell daisy-fresh thanks to this set of odor-removing products.”

L.A. Times

Gift Suggestions for the Cannabis Enthusiast
"Instead of breaking out a bottle of Febreze or lighting some incense ... [use a] natural solution called Cannabolish.”


10 Major Market Trends: MJ Biz Con and the Future of Cannabis
"We don’t recommend taking a puff while on a work break. But if you do, add some Cannabolish to your stash.”

High Herstory

Cannabis Consuming Mom Uses Cannabolish to Hide 'Relaxation'
"Watch this responsible cannabis-consuming mom find an odor solution when she realizes that her book club friends are due any minute after she has been 'relaxing'!”

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