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Cannabis News, Tips & Expert Insights

Cannabolish's cannabis blog brings you news and unique insights from experts around the industry. Plus, discover cannabis odor elimination tips for your own at-home consumption.

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How to Make Cannabis Cooking Oil & Add it to Your Favorite Recipes

You've baked brownies, you've tried tinctures, but have you ever made cannabis cooking oil? Find out how to make this versatile kitchen staple, here!

What's the Actual Difference Between Indica & Sativa?

So, what exactly is the difference between indica and sativa and are the effects truly split down the middle? Read on to see our take on the sativa vs indica debate.

Great Marijuana Smoking Accessories for Seasoned & New Users

Check out some of our favorite marijuana accessories for the cannabis pro and the novice.

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes

Getting smoke smell out of clothes is not a cut-and-dried task like cleaning up a spill. Find out how to get smoke smell out of clothes and keep it from ruining your favorite garments.

Most Common Terpenes: What's In Your Favorite Strain?

If you're curious about a favorite strain's terpene profile read our deepdive into the world of terpenes, cannabinoids, and more!

How to Buy Weed at a Dispensary

If you happen to live in a state that has recently legalized weed, check out our tips for going to a dispensary for the first time.

Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

There's a lot you can do to elevate the scents of your favorite strains. Find out about the benefits of soy wax candles and how to enjoy them with cannabis.

How to Store Marijuana and Keep it Fresh

Check out our tips for how to store marijuana, cut down on marijuana odors, and keep it fresh no matter how often you dip into your stash.

How to Get Rid of Bong Smell After a Spill

While it may feel like your living room or favorite smoking spot will never be the same, the odor experts at Cannabolish have some tips for effectively cleaning and getting rid of bong smell after a spill.

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Practices for Your Routine

If you're interested in how to become a more eco-friendly cannabis user, there are several ways in which you can do so. Check out some of our tips for cutting down on waste while still enjoying your favorite strains.

A Guide to Making Edibles With Distillate

Find out more about some techniques for cooking with cannabis concentrate and how you can make edibles with distillate right at home.

Where to Start When You're New to Cannabis

Knowing where to start when you're new to cannabis can be tricky, but Cannabolish is here to offer guidance for even the most novice user.

5 Common Mistakes When Baking Edibles

If you're thinking about getting creative with cannabis or baking your own edibles for the first time, check out our tips for how to avoid the most common mistakes when baking edibles.

Best Smoke Odor Eliminator for Cannabis

To find out why so many cannabis users are turning to Cannabolish for all of their smoke-related needs, learn more about why Cannabolish is one of the best smoke odor eliminators on the market.

How to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking

It's important to use cannabis in a way that is relaxing and safe for you and those around you. Discover our tips for finding the perfect way to use cannabis without smoking and remember: you should never feel pressured to consume cannabis in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of a Room

Planning around this extra step of cleanup can be challenging at first, but figuring out how to get weed smell out of the room once and for all will make the extra effort well worth it. Take the pressure off with these easy tips and tricks to kill the smell of weed so you (and those that live with you) can enjoy your home without smelling the remains of your stash.

3 Ways to Remove Smoke Odors From a Bag or Purse

Find out how to fight odor when your bag or purse smells like smoke and other techniques for keeping your bag, and the items you store in it, smelling fresh.

How to Get a Marijuana Growing License

Just as starting any new business, getting a grow license takes a lot of time and research. Each state has different requirements an individual must go through before they are permitted to become a commercial grower. To find out more about how to get a growing or dispensary license, read our considerations for new growers.

What Are Cannabis Terpenes and What Do They Do?

Terpenes are organic compounds found in certain plants. Any time you've inhaled the smell of pine, lavender, or orange peel, you're getting a heavy dose of terpenes. So why do we care about terpenes in cannabis, specifically?

Coronavirus Cannabis Sales Continue to Rise as Consumption Habits Shift

To get an even better sense of our country's quarantine cannabis habits, we've asked individuals from every corner of the Cannabis industry to weigh in on the trends they've experienced, firsthand.

Where is Weed Considered an Essential Business During COVID-19?

Find out which states are currently deeming dispensaries essential, and what this will mean for medical and recreational cannabis use during COVID-19.

Get Rid of Cannabutter Smells at Home

Cannabis-infused butter ("cannabutter") is an often-used vehicle for mixing cannabis into brownies, cookies, candies, drinks, and other baked goods, resulting in a tasty batch of potent edibles.

5 Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Treat

By now, we've all heard of or experienced firsthand the benefits marijuana can have on our health. Whether easing anxiety or temporarily curbing a debilitating tremor, cannabis has shown a great deal of promise in the medical community, causing doctors, researchers, and patients to take notice.

Which States Have Legal Weed?

While there remain many states where weed is not legal to use or sell for recreational use, U.S. is one of many countries where marijuana is partially legal. Even though marijuana is illegal under U.S. federal law, of the 50 states, marijuana is legal in some form in 46 of them.



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