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Cannabolish's cannabis blog brings you news and unique insights from experts around the industry. Plus, discover cannabis odor elimination tips for your own at-home consumption.

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Coronavirus Cannabis Sales Continue to Rise as Consumption Habits Shift

To get an even better sense of our country's quarantine cannabis habits, we've asked individuals from every corner of the Cannabis industry to weigh in on the trends they've experienced, firsthand.

Where is Weed Considered an Essential Business During COVID-19?

Find out which states are currently deeming dispensaries essential, and what this will mean for medical and recreational cannabis use during COVID-19.

Get Rid of Cannabutter Smells at Home

Cannabis-infused butter ("cannabutter") is an often-used vehicle for mixing cannabis into brownies, cookies, candies, drinks, and other baked goods, resulting in a tasty batch of potent edibles.

5 Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Treat

By now, we've all heard of or experienced firsthand the benefits marijuana can have on our health. Whether easing anxiety or temporarily curbing a debilitating tremor, cannabis has shown a great deal of promise in the medical community, causing doctors, researchers, and patients to take notice.

Which States Have Legal Weed?

While there remain many states where weed is not legal to use or sell for recreational use, U.S. is one of many countries where marijuana is partially legal. Even though marijuana is illegal under U.S. federal law, of the 50 states, marijuana is legal in some form in 46 of them.



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