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Natural Weed Odor Removing Spray

Cannabolish weed smell spray is designed and formulated to be just as natural as weed itself. Full of natural plant oils, we’ve removed all harmful chemicals and fake perfumes from our product so you can feel at ease using our spray anywhere in your home. Just simply mist a few pumps of our weed smell spray before, during, or after your smoke session and you will leave behind a naturally fragrant and wonderful scent.

At Home or On the Go, We Have You Covered

We know you aren’t always in your own home when having a smoke session. This is why we designed a smaller, portable, 2 oz. Cannabolish spray to be your weed odor eliminating sidekick wherever you go. Stash our travel sized bottle in your purse, luggage, or in your car and be able to remove the smells of weed no matter where you are. Our travel sized weed odor spray is perfect for people who are on the go often and are looking for a quick, convenient solution!

Developed from 30-Years of Odor Removing Science

Our weed smell spray has been scientifically created to attack the smell of weed at the source. Packed with natural oils and a fresh wintergreen scent, our weed smoke spray will break down the smell at the molecular level. Other air freshener products simply mask the smell of weed temporarily. We know that’s not good enough which is why our product works to remove the odor-producing molecules completely.

Freshen Up Your Fabrics!

Because we value our customers so much, we’ll let you in on a secret! Our weed smell spray can be used to remove odors stuck in your clothes. After cleaning your clothes, cushion covers or other fabrics, just simply finish them off with a few sprays of our natural product. Your clothes will smell fresh and brand new!