Common Uses for Cannabolish

Before, during, or after your session, use Cannabolish smoke odor eliminators to get rid of lingering smells. Here are everyday locations and applications for our natural products.

man spraying Cannabolish to remove weed smell in apartment

Apartments & Houses

You may enjoy smoking in your living room or bedroom, but it doesn’t mean you want your apartment to smell like marijuana. Many consumers use odor masking products, like air fresheners with fake perfumes, to cover up weed smoke smells.

Don’t rely on traditional air fresheners or homemade remedies to keep you from attracting attention from your apartment manager or landlord. Trust the proven science of Cannabolish.

Tips for Apartments Tips for Houses

Cars & Vehicles

Whether you light up before a concert, or in the parking lot at the end of a long workday, pungent weed smell can linger in cars long after the smoke clears.

Because of the nature of weed smoke, it can embed deep into vehicle interiors, including seats, carpet, dashboards, cloth ceilings, and air conditioning systems.

Cannabolish smoke odor eliminator for cars
Cannabolish weed smell spray for baking with cannabis

Cooking & Baking

The process of making canna-butter or canna-oil for use in edibles (pot brownies, anyone?) can cause odors throughout your kitchen and apartment.

Turn on your stove vent (if you have one), open your windows, and light up a Cannabolish Candle while you cook. As you wait for your edibles to finish baking, spray away any remaining odors with Cannabolish Spray.



Whether you’re staying for a week in a luxury hotel, or popping in an overnight at an Airbnb, most accommodations include a strict "no smoking" policy. Get caught breaking these rules and you could be looking at steep fines.

Pack along a Cannabolish odor eliminating Spray to mist away lingering smoke odors from the air and on surfaces – carpets, drapes, bedding.

woman in hotel room with Cannabolish smoke odor eliminator