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Cannabolish Reviews & Product Comparisons

What people are saying about Cannabolish.



"I don't know how they do it, but this stuff is magic!"

"My car has an overwhelming smell of cannabis. I’ve tried air fresheners … and I have gotten no results! This little bottle of magic instantly removed the smoke smell from my car. I highly recommend this product!"


"I love it. House doesn't smell like smoke when I come home from work. I would recommend it to anyone."

"I love these products so much, I’ve already bought extras to give as Christmas gifts!"


"So glad I came across this product! Works great and is a must have in our house :)"

"This product is worth every dime. I have the Gel sitting in every room of my House."


"Effective on fabrics and in the air, Cannabolish sprays and signature candle are designed to fit into any lifestyle."
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"Cannabolish solves the problem of lingering marijuana smells instantly removes cannabis odors with natural ingredients." logo

"Instead of breaking out [an air freshener] or lighting some incense ... [use a] natural solution called Cannabolish."
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"Watch this responsible cannabis-consuming mom find an odor solution when she realizes that her book club friends are due any minute after she has been 'relaxing'!"
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"Ditch the harsh chemicals ... in favor of Cannabolish."
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"Smell daisy-fresh thanks to this set of odor-removing products."
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"We don’t recommend taking a puff while on a work break. But if you do, add some Cannabolish to your stash."
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"I’m ... crazy about their ... candle. So much so that lighting one has become a regular part of my stoner session ritual. I’ve always advocated for lighting a candle for a proper sesh, and Cannabolish takes that one step further with a candle made for reducing smoke odors."
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Scientifically Designed to Eliminate Smoke Odors

Cannabis smoke contains a multitude of chemicals produced from the combustion of the plant—resulting in toxic and odorous chemicals such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. We designed Cannabolish to destroy the unique stink of cannabis smoke, using science we’ve developed over 30 years of removing the toughest odors around the world.

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