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Cannabolish Reviews & Product Comparisons

What people are saying about Cannabolish.



"I don't know how they do it, but this stuff is magic!"

"My car has an overwhelming smell of cannabis. I’ve tried air fresheners … and I have gotten no results! This little bottle of magic instantly removed the smoke smell from my car. I highly recommend this product!"


"I love it. House doesn't smell like smoke when I come home from work. I would recommend it to anyone."

"I love these products so much, I’ve already bought extras to give as Christmas gifts!"


"So glad I came across this product! Works great and is a must have in our house :)"

"This product is worth every dime. I have the Gel sitting in every room of my House."


"If you’re smoking strong-smelling flower, I recommend having a candle lit the whole time, as well as spraying a few spritzes of a room spray when you’re done."
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Cannabolish is the perfect product to use in conjunction with Zoe's stress relieving CBD solutions.
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"We not only think this gift won’t bother the legit cannabis enthusiast; we think it will make them happy. People who use weed know that it can leave things a bit skunky, and a lot of products that might help are full of heavy fragrances and chemicals. These, on the other hand, are made from totally natural plant oils and water, and they absorb and remove odors without masking them. Plus, they have a nice minty scent that’s very."
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Runner Up – Most Innovative Product
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Sans toxic chemicals and fake fragrances, it's a safe way to remove cannabis smoke odors (not just cover them up)!
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"Whether for yourself of someone else, Cannabolish is the perfect present for those looking to eliminate any trace of cannabis smoke odor lingering after a session. "
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"One of the best gifts to keep parents sane during the holidays"
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"So if you’re looking for a more effective, safer, and environmentally friendly cannabis odor remover, then we recommend trying plant-based Cannabolish sprays and candles. We tried it ourselves and it’s very effective, but not just for cannabis odors – it can help get rid of other strong odors, such as fishy smells and it can even help with garbage odors. It leaves behind a pleasant smell that isn’t overpowering."
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"A few sprays of this and no one will be the wiser that you were indulging in a little of the green stuff."
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"For times when you don’t want the smell of cannabis lingering around, there are products like Cannabolish."
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Scientifically Designed to Eliminate Smoke Odors

Cannabis smoke contains a multitude of chemicals produced from the combustion of the plant—resulting in toxic and odorous chemicals such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. We designed Cannabolish to destroy the unique stink of cannabis smoke, using science we’ve developed over 30 years of removing the toughest odors around the world.

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