At Home

Remove smoke odors from clothing, furniture, and rooms with Cannabolish.

Get Rid of Marijuana Smoke Smell in Houses

You’re welcoming guests to your home — parents, co-workers, or a significant other — and don’t want your living room to give away your favorite pastime. Instead of saturating your rooms in fake sprays, candles, or incense (which mostly leave your place smelling like pot-scented perfume), partner Cannabolish with these techniques to help get weed smell out of your house.

Open Windows or Choose Breezy Smoking Area

If you’re a social smoker, a sunroom, back patio, or closed-in porch offers air flow for smoke to escape. In more closed rooms, opening windows can help reduce marijuana smells in your house. Light up a Cannabolish Candle during or after your next session to eliminate any remaining odor molecules.

Designate a Smoking Area

To better control pot odors, avoid smoking in multiple rooms. Smoking in a bedroom can cause your bedding, clothes, and other items to become saturated in pot smoke smells. Living rooms furniture and carpets can likewise reek of cannabis long after the smoke clears.

You may have to clean all the room’s items to completely smell proof your whole house. Limiting your smoking to only one room (and one with better air flow) can help you smoke weed in your house without it smelling like it.

To destroy lingering smoke odors quickly, mist Cannabolish Spray in the air throughout your smoking room. Spray on carpets, furniture, upholstery, and even a few spritzes on your clothes for good measure.

Smells from Baking with Weed

The process of making canna-butter or canna-oil for use in edibles (pot brownies, anyone?) can cause odors throughout your kitchen and apartment. Turn on your stove vent (if you have one), open your windows, and light up a Cannabolish Candle while you cook.

As you wait for your edibles to finish baking, spray away any remaining odors with Cannabolish Spray.

Home Smoke Odor Removal Guide

Steps to Eliminate Smoke Odors and Other Scents in Your Home

  1. Improve air circulation by opening windows and getting a natural air flow through your space.
  2. Wash and deodorize any fabric blankets or cushion covers. Smoke odors love to stick around in these places.
  3. Use an odor neutralizing spray, candle, or gel absorber to remove odor molecules from air. This attacks the odor at its source and does more than just mask the scent.
  4. Clean any additional hard surfaces on your wall, ceiling, or counters with a 1:1 mix of white distilled vinegar and water.

How Do I Get Rid of Smoke Smells Inside My Home?

To get rid of any smoke smells that may be lingering in your house you want to remove the scent molecules from the air. Opening a window can do the trick over a long period of time, or use Cannabolish Odor Removing Candles & Sprays to remove any smell from the air quickly. These products are designed to neutralize odors by attacking them at their source, better than most other odor removal methods that simply mask the scent for a short period of time. Cannabolish’s line of odor removing products are a great safeguard against any future odor problems.

Scientifically Designed to Eliminate Smoke Odors

Cannabis smoke contains a multitude of chemicals produced from the combustion of the plant—resulting in toxic and odorous chemicals such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. We designed Cannabolish to destroy the unique stink of weed smoke, using science we’ve developed over 30 years of removing the toughest odors around the world.