Your Guide: How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Get Rid of Weed Smell with Cannabolish

To a cannabis connoisseur, the smell of a favorite strain can be mouth-watering. But it's not so enticing when cannabis odors linger around the house or cling to your car's interior. Learn how to enjoy your favorite strains without the stigma of cannabis odors. Follow these tips for how to get rid of marijuana smell from the experts at Cannabolish.

The Science Behind Marijuana Odor

The odor profiles of cannabis are as diverse as its different strains. From the bright, piney notes of Pinene to the sweet floral scents of Linalool, chemicals in cannabis plants called terpenes give each cannabis strain a unique flavor and scent profile, before and after burning.

The act of burning, which creates smoke or vapor, makes marijuana odors more complex. Smoke, in general, is a particularly difficult odor to eliminate because it can fill a room quickly, stick to surfaces, and sink deep into fabrics.

Marijuana smoke contains a multitude of chemicals produced from the combustion of the plant—resulting in toxic and odorous chemicals such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. This mixture allows smoke to linger long after it's enjoyed.

Get Rid of Weed Smell in the Air

When marijuana is burned or vaporized, the resulting odor can be tough to get out of carpets, upholstered furniture, clothes, and the air. If the room you use to enjoy marijuana is holding on to odors from your favorite strains, you can get rid of weed smell in the air with a thorough, deep clean or by using an instant odor eliminator.

Quicker Solution

To eliminate weed odor from the air as you're enjoying cannabis, mist Cannabolish Odor Removing Sprays in the area where you smoke and around the room.

Odors from natural sources need an equally natural odor eliminating solution. Cannabolish candles and sprays were designed by investigating the causes of smoke odors (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde). Then a blend of plant oils was designed to cancel out those odorous chemicals.

With Cannabolish you can safely enjoy even the most fragrant marijuana strain without the harsh ingredients or cover-up perfumes of some other air fresheners. To remove smoke odors, light a clean-burning Cannabolish candle a few minutes before a session. Keep it lit while you smoke and a few minutes after. Longer-lasting odors may need a deeper clean.

Deep Clean Solution

If you have a little more time, the best way to get rid of weed smell is to deep clean an affected area or the entire room. To deep clean, you can use a combination of at-home fixes like baking soda and vinegar, and then supplement those solutions with Cannabolish.

Start by opening any windows in the room to air everything out. Place bowls of diluted vinegar throughout the room and let the vinegar evaporate. After the vinegar has sat for a while, spray Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray in the air to eliminate remaining smoke odors and smells from vinegar. Distribute the product evenly, but be sure to pay close attention to seating areas and carpeting. Neutralizing odors on fabric will help refresh an entire room.

Get Rid of Weed Smell on Fabric & Surfaces

The fight to eliminate weed odor can be tricky when smells from smoking, baking, or vaping settle into upholstery, carpeting, and other porous surfaces. That's because odor molecules have a much easier time concentrating in fabric fibers and on surfaces than remaining concentrated in the air. To remove weed smell from couches, carpets, and curtains, try these methods.

Quicker Solution

Use Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray directly on living room sofas, counter tops, carpet, and clothing.*

Cannabolish's Odor Removing Spray and Odor Removing Candles naturally bond to odor molecules in the air and on surfaces. Its proprietary formula uses a blend of plant oils specifically designed to neutralize odor-causing chemicals. The result is the most effective way to get rid of marijuana smoke smell in the house, your apartment, and even your car.

*Use only on water-safe fabrics.

Deep Clean Solution

For a deep clean solution, sprinkle baking soda liberally on couches and carpeting to get rid of marijuana smell trapped in fabrics. Then, vacuum thoroughly to remove any debris. Repeat this routine with cushions, pillows, and other upholstered materials (like car seats).

To remove weed smell from clothing, blankets, and other fabrics, launder thoroughly. Follow up with spritzes of Cannabolish spray, directly onto shirts, pants, socks, and other apparel to eliminate any lingering odors.

At Cannabolish, we believe that the best way to get rid of weed smell is to use natural ingredients. That's why our sprays and candles use plant oils to bond to volatile molecules and neutralize odor, instead of harmful chemicals used by other air fresheners.

More Weed Odor Eliminating Tips

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