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After / Between Seshs & On-The-Go

Just mist a few pumps in smoking areas, on fabrics and furniture, or even clothes, after toking up.

2 oz. Bottle: Cases of 12 Under $5 MSRP
8 oz. Bottle: Cases of 8 Under $12 MSRP


Before / During Seshs

Light a Cannabolish clean-burning, soy-based candle during or after a session to neutralize smoke odors.

7 oz. Glass Jar: Cases of 12 Under $15 MSRP


After / Between Seshs

Continuously absorbs smoke odor molecules in rooms and smoking areas.

7 oz. Gel: Cases of 6 Under $10 MSRP
15 oz. Gel: Cases of 6 Under $16 MSRP

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Many smokers use air care products to get rid of marijuana smoke smells. However, "air sanitizers" and other products can include toxic ingredients that can be harmful to people.

In a study of ingredients, the Natural Resources Defense Council found high concentrations of Di-ethyl Phthalate (DEP) in several popular air fresheners. According to the study, "[exposure to phthalates] can alter hormone levels and cause other health problems."

Phthalates aren’t the only toxic ingredients used by air fresheners. Many studies have shown that dangerous chemicals can hide behind "fragrance" on product labels. In University of Washington research of common air fresheners, they found on average 17 chemicals in each product — nearly a quarter which would be classified as toxic or harmful.

Cannabolish products are 100% free of phthalates and use natural ingredients, like plant oils and water, to remove odors from cannabis smoke. And Cannabolish does not use scents or masking perfumes. Instead, it relies on natural ingredients like plant oils and water.