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Cleanly Hide Odors

Cannabolish smoke odor eliminating candles are made to burn cleanly and safely so you can experience an odor-free household for as long as they burn. Our line of soy-based candles contain no toxic chemicals or synthetic perfumes like other scented candles. We want you to feel safe letting this smoke odor candle burn as it works to remove any weed smell molecules from the air. That is why we have made our candles without the use of any paraffin wax, phthalates, sulfates, or parabens. Our candles burn cleanly and safely and will work to freshen up your home.

Effective Odor Removing Solution

At Cannabolish, we find our smokers' candles to be the most effective way to remove marijuana smoke smell in your house or apartment. Scientifically designed to bond to odor molecules in the air and neutralize them, using a Cannabolish candle will make sure any odors coming into your home are dealt with. Even odors that may linger in from a neighboring home or apartment, our smoke odor eliminating candle will target the smell and remove it from the air.

Freshen Up Your Home for Entertainment

While our smoke odor candle is designed to remove odors produced from a smoke session, it can be used as you would any candle! If you’re hosting a party, light a candle at the beginning of your event and keep your home smelling fresh all the way through the evening! Have painters or contractors inside your home? Light a candle at the beginning of the day and make sure that paint smell is gone by the night. Our smoke odor candles can truly help to remove any odor you may find lingering in your home.