Cannabis infused tea

Your Guide to Cannabis Infused Teas

Are you one of the many individuals who enjoy cannabis, but don’t like the methods of consumption that are available? Luckily, you have more choices than you may realize. If the harshness of smoking isn’t for you, or you worry about allergens in your edibles, try cannabis tea.

What Is a Cannabis Infused Tea?

Weed tea is a drink infused with cannabis. It’s typically made by steeping parts of the cannabis plant in hot water, although sometimes cold water is used. You can add buds, leaves, stems, or select a ready-made blend. Cannabis tea is simple to make and offers a soothing alternative to consuming marijuana for anyone who doesn’t enjoy smoking or other forms of cannabis. You get the benefits of marijuana in a healthier way.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Cannabis Infused Teas?

A lot of people opt to drink cannabis tea to ease symptoms of health issues. These teas can help to lower your anxiety and stress levels so you can relax. They are good for the digestive system and may even lower high blood pressure. THC tea is also effective at reducing some types of pain. You can experience positive healing properties from marijuana teas even at low doses. The amount needed to treat your ailment depends upon your body, symptoms, and desired results. Other benefits and uses for weed tea include:

  • Treatment for nausea
  • Help with autoimmune diseases
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance mood
  • May offer protection from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Cannabis infused tea is similar to edibles when it comes to the time it takes to feel the effects. Your system needs to digest and metabolize the tea, so you may not notice anything for an hour or two. Although it takes longer to begin, the effects that come from drinking tea typically last longer and are more intense than what you would feel from smoking. Many people prefer this type of high over the immediate and short-term effects of smoking weed.

Another benefit of choosing tea over other ways to consume marijuana is the taste. You can customize your tea blends to include any flavors you prefer. Plus, the ritual of making your tea is a good way to slow down and take a few moments to focus on self-care.

Can Cannabis Infused Tea Make You High?

Cannabis tea is just as effective at getting you high if you prepare it correctly. In fact, it’s more potent than smoking marijuana. The effects you can expect depend upon the strain you select and its potency.

One important factor that will determine how your tea turns out is decarboxylation, which is responsible for activating THC so you can feel its effects. Cannabis naturally contains a compound called THCA, which is essentially THC, but with a protective ring that lessens the “high” you feel. The process of decarboxylation uses heat of 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit to remove the ring and convert the compound to THC.

When you smoke, vape, or cook cannabis with fat, decarboxylation occurs naturally, but boiling water doesn’t reach a high enough temperate at 212 degrees. If you want the psychoactive effects of THC in your tea, first decarboxylate your ground cannabis in your oven at around 245 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 40 minutes.

How To Make a Weed Tea

The first step before you begin to make your tea is deciding how much weed you need. For example, a single gram of cannabis that has 20% THC gives your cup of tea up to 200 mg. When you are ready to make your tea, you’ll need a tea infuser and sieve to strain out the plant matter, a pan to heat your water, the cannabis and ingredients of your choice, and your favorite tea cup.

It’s easy to learn how to make tea a weed tea. There is a lot of flexibility to this method as you can use different parts of the plant and include various other ingredients to create a taste you love. Try these popular suggestions to get started:

  • Add a tincture of cannabis to your favorite tea.
  • Mix cannabis, a fat like coconut oil or butter, plus your choice of tea leaves together with water to create a beverage reminiscent of a latte
  • Steep dry cannabis flowers in hot water. You’ll need to use more product when the cannabis is dried.

Try out a few variations to find the ones you like the best. With time, you’ll discover your preferences and easily mix up a hot and relaxing cup of THC tea in no time.

When you first start drinking a weed tea, start with a low dosage and gradually increase it until you get the desired effects. Since cannabis tea is potent, any side effects like an increase in your appetite, dry mouth, and dizziness are often more intense.

Getting Rid of Marijuana Smells

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