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Why Does Marijuana Smell?

Why Does Weed Smell Like Skunk?

Skunks have a uniquely pungent smell that’s unpleasant, to say the least. However, this distinct aroma is often associated with weed, too. Well-preserved weed bears all the hallmarks of a skunk’s spray, but why is that? Well, cannabis and a skunk’s spray share a specific chemical that causes them to bear the same hallmarks. These chemicals are known as prenylated volatile sulfur compounds or VSCs for short. Thankfully, the VSCs in skunky weed is easier to shift than those found in a skunk’s aerosol spray.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that appear in many plants and, most prominently, in our favorite flower, cannabis. Terpenes create the scents we encounter daily. Cannabis, pine, and orange peel are scents created by a unique combination of terpenes. It’s up to terpenes to protect plants while growing in the wild, which can explain why some strains of weed have a skunky smell while some weed smells like gasoline. However, there are different cannabis aromas, some of which are delightful to experience.

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What Does It Mean if My Cannabis Has a Skunky Smell?

Your cannabis is likely rich in terpenes if it has a pungent skunky smell. Choosing different strains can help you understand the different kinds of terpenes and the way they impact your smoke. The odors and the tastes vary between terpene varieties, and scientists are examining terpenes’ impact on your sesh. If you don’t like the skunky smell of your strain, you can always try a different flower next time. It’s essential to find a smoke that’s perfect for you. There’s no point medicating with a strain you don’t adore with the myriad options available.

Does a Skunk Smell Mean That My Weed Has Gone Bad?

No, it can indicate the opposite. A strong skunky smell is often the sign of some potent flower. The scents to look out for are more synthetic chemical odors and urine. These odors can indicate harsh chemicals in your weed that could be residual from the growing process. Don’t let a skunky smell put you off trying a new strain as it can often indicate a potent flower. As mentioned above, if you’re not keen on the skunkier-smelling strains, you should shop around and find something better suited to your taste.

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Does All Weed Smell the Same?

Do cannabis plants smell is a common question and the simple answer is yes. The tricky part is describing what exactly they smell like. The smell of your weed is shaped by the terpenes present in the plant. Many terpenes shape the aroma of your weed, which is why it’s so challenging to answer the question ‘what does weed smell like.’ You can usually learn what your weed may taste like from the smell. It can be rewarding to pay attention to the terpenes listed in your flower as it gives you an idea of the kind of sesh you should expect. This list details the most common terpenes and their associated smells.

  • Limonene – A fresh citrusy scent reminiscent of oranges or lemons
  • Pinene – A natural aroma similar to forest pine
  • Borneol – A sharp and earthy smell, often described as menthol mixed with dirt
  • Myrcene – A sweet scent also found in mango plants
  • Linalool – Another sweet scent that smells of orange and lavender
  • Delta-3-Carene – A woodsy smell also similar to pine and cypress trees
  • Eucalyptol – Minty smell like the eucalyptus plant
  • Beta-Caryophyllene – The pungent scent of cracked pepper
  • Humulene – A spicy smell that reminds many people of ginger
  • Terpineol – A mild yet sweet scent of lilac

The more you research different cannabis strains, the more you’ll notice that flavor descriptions vary and are more specific. Certain strains are characterized as fruity, whereas others are more musky and pungent tasting. This difference in smell and taste is because of each strain’s unique combination of terpenes. Finding the right blend of terpenes will help you enjoy your sesh to the fullest and ensure your every experience is as pleasant as possible. Always shop around and don’t be afraid to mix and match. There are so many options these days that you’re guaranteed to eventually find something you love.

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How to Eliminate Bad Weed Smells

While we can all enjoy a sesh, many people don’t like the lingering smell of weed to follow them around for the day. Some people don’t like the smell of weed regardless of the terpenes or the strain. Not wanting the smell of weed lingering in your home is understandable if you have guests due over. Similarly, it’s not ideal to have the odor hanging around your clothes if you have to go to work. Thankfully, Cannabolish has a range of weed odor removal products that can eliminate the smell for people facing these dilemmas. We stock specially formulated candles that remove all lingering weed odors from your home. We also offer sprays for on the go when you notice weed odors on your outfit.

We believe that people should be able to enjoy their sesh, whether it is a morning sesh, noon, or night, and shouldn’t worry about the smell sticking around for longer than they want. People often wonder how long does the smell of weed last and how not to smell like weed. Luckily, Cannabolish is here to help. Browse our full range of weed odor removal products. Enjoy your next sesh with the peace of mind from knowing you can eliminate the smell — no matter how skunky your smoke is!

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