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Why Cannabolish Is a Better At-Home Odor Solution Than a Homemade Sploof

By now, we have all heard of an improvised (albeit questionable) method for getting rid of the unique stink of cannabis. From smoking in the bathroom while running the shower to handmade at-home solutions that promise to rid your house of the smell of cannabis smoke, we’ve debunked a lot of these smoking myths in the interest of bringing cannabis users a true solution for getting rid of cannabis smoke.   

Whether you’re making cannabis cooking oil to infuse in your meals or you’re smoking it the old-fashioned way, every cannabis user has to deal with residual vapors or smoke. You can keep smoke at bay, opening windows and periodically airing out your home, but we recommend a more holistic and natural solution that works better than steam from the shower or a homemade sploof.   

What is a Sploof?

For those unfamiliar with the device we’re talking about, a sploof is a cylindrical object with a filter at the end used to lessen the production of smoke while smoking cannabis and, by extension, cut down on odor from smoke.

A homemade sploof can be made with any type of cylindrical object in the home such as a toilet paper roll, a paper towel tube, or a section of the tube found in wrapping paper. The end of the tube is then stuffed with a crumpled dryer sheet and a layer of paper towel can be secured to the non-smoking opening with a rubber band.

So while making a sploof is relatively straightforward, the name is a bit more of a mystery. One can easily draw a connection to the word “spoof” which refers to a trick or a hoax, but there is still some missing context. This leads many people to speculate online that the other half of the word derives from “spliff” which is a Caribbean term that refers to mixing tobacco and marijuana together in a joint. Whatever the origins may be, today’s cannabis users need an odor solution that can stand up to all of the various methods for enjoying cannabis, not just smoking through a homemade sploof.

How Does a Sploof Work?

Similar to how a sploof is made, the mechanics of how a sploof works, or how it’s supposed to work, is also very simple. In a homemade sploof, the person smoking weed simply blows the smoke into the open end of the apparatus so some of the smoke remains inside and any smoke that escapes passes through your scented dryer sheet of choice, eliminating any smoke odor. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

While there’s no question that making a sploof is incredibly easy, it isn’t the most effective way to quell odor woes. Why? Well, for one, sploofs can’t actually filter air or smoke because dryer sheets are not meant to filter air. Air filters are commonly made of spun fiberglass, paper, or occasionally cloth because these materials effectively trap particles like dust, dirt, and pollen. A dryer sheet, on the other hand, is made of nonwoven polyester which isn’t meant to capture particles in air. In fact, if you crumple it and stuff it into a homemade sploof, you’ll create plenty of air pockets for the smoke to pass through.

Secondly, the softening agents that activate when warm clothes melt the coating on the dryer sheets as they tumble in a hot dryer cannot deodorize odor molecules contained in smoke. Clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresh because the dryer was hot enough to melt the coating on the dryer sheets and the clothing was porous enough to absorb the solution, but the same process does not occur when you blow smoke into a sploof

Particles and odor molecules can easily pass through the material of the dryer sheet and the fragrance agent doesn’t have anything to adhere to. So while it might give us a twinge of nostalgia to cobble together a homemade sploof, there are certainly more effective, science-based methods for getting rid of cannabis odor that hold up to all of your favorite methods for enjoying cannabis.

The Benefits of Cannabolish

Since it seems like making a sploof may not be your best bet for getting rid of cannabis odor, let Cannabolish step in where tricks of the past just don’t hold up. Cannabolish is a plant-based cannabis odor solution made with the same essential oils and terpenes you might find in your favorite strains. With essence from pine needles and citrus, all natural elements of Cannabolish’s proprietary formula combine to create a fresh essence — not an artificial fragrance — that effectively adheres to volatile, odor-causing molecules released from smoke into the air. And a great part about Cannabolish: it couldn’t be easier to use!

If you’re a frequent baker and you need to get rid of cannabutter smell in the kitchen, simply light a Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle and let the plant oils naturally burn off into the air as you bake. The essential oils will naturally absorb odors from your baking and the clean-burning candle will create enjoyable ambiance without adding artificial fragrances to the air.

If you’re storing cannabis, we recommend keeping Cannabolish and your favorite strains separate, as any particles from cleaning products or air fresheners sprayed in the air can sprinkle down onto the flower and alter the taste. Instead, reach for an even lower maintenance approach like Cannabolish Odor Removing Gel and place it in a discrete location in the same room where you store your cannabis. The odor removing gel will slowly evaporate into the air, adhering to volatile molecules and neutralizing odors as they build up over time without ever coming into contact with your cannabis.

Of course, you can always use Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray after or before your next session to absorb any odors that may be lingering in your home. Cannabolish is full of natural essential oils, so you never have to worry about introducing artificial scents into your home. Merely spray Cannabolish into the air after your cannabis is safely packed away, and let the proprietary formula combat unwanted odor. You can find Cannabolish in a store near you whenever you’re ready to give it a try!

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