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Where to Start When You're New to Cannabis

Welcome to the wonderful world of cannabis! If you’ve made it here, it means you’re curious about how to get started using marijuana. You’ve come to the right place! 

Knowing where to start when you’re new to cannabis can be tricky. From understanding cannabis dose-related effects to storing and trying new strains safely for the first time, sometimes taking all your cues from more seasoned cannabis-using friends can be just as confusing as going at it alone. 

So if cult classics like Dazed and Confused are your only frame of reference for cannabis culture or your interests fall more along the lines of the medical benefits of cannabis, Cannabolish is here to offer guidance for even the most novice user.

How to Get Started 

The first step is to figure out your primary reason for wanting to use cannabis. Cannabis is commonly used to:

  • Induce relaxation
  • Boost creativity
  • Aid in sleep
  • Improve focus
  • Relieve symptoms & pain from medical conditions

Once you’ve decided why you’d like to start using cannabis, it’s time to think about how you will consume it. Don’t just assume that marijuana has to be smoked. There are edible doses for beginners that come in many forms, i.e. gummies, chocolates, brownies, popcorn, etc. 

Great. Now that you know what form of cannabis you’re most comfortable trying, make sure you understand what variety or strain is best suited for your intention. Here’s a quick breakdown for you:

  • Sativa: Energizes, uplifts mood, improves focus, stimulates mind
  • Indica: reduces anxiety, relieves pain, relaxes mind and body for sleep
  • Hybrid: Combines Sativa and Indica for a focused, calm energy
  • CBD: Alleviates muscle pain, reduces inflammation

You’ve made it this far and now it’s time to see how it works for you! 

Edible Doses for Beginners

Once you’ve chosen the method you’re most comfortable with, you can purchase edibles, pre-rolled joints, or even flower from a local dispensary. Using a dispensary menu will give you full transparency into what exactly you’re consuming from flavor profile to strain genealogy. 

Many cannabis products purchased at dispensaries also come with an estimated THC potency level which is a beginner’s best friend. If you purchase a container of edible gummies at 5 milligrams of THC per piece, a good edible dose for a beginner would be 2 milligrams which you can approximate by taking a small bite. 

Smoking cannabis is a little harder to calculate, but if you purchase a strain with lower THC and get familiar with the way THC makes you feel, you can learn a lot about what kind of cannabis works best for you. But building this understanding requires a little patience and a lot of research.

How to Enjoy Cannabis Safely

Whether you are smoking or ingesting, beginners should do so in the company of a few friends or family members who have experience. They will be able to “coach” you through any questions or concerns you have along the way. 

When consuming THC for the first time, no matter the method, it’s always wise to do so slowly. Try one inhale of a marijuana cigarette (joint) or vaporizer to start, or take one very small bite of an edible and wait. For most beginners, taking a small dosage can effectively do the trick, but it’s important to note that different methods require different wait times. 

Smoking marijuana will cause you to experience the effects relatively quickly, while edibles will take about 90 minutes for the effects to appear. It may feel counterintuitive, but waiting is key for getting started using marijuana for the first time.

It’s also important to note that novice users should avoid using a ‘weed pen’ when experiencing cannabis for the first time. These pens contain synthetic chemicals and do not offer the natural qualities of marijuana that are traditionally found in joints or edibles.

How to Store Cannabis

Consuming cannabis safely also requires storing it safely. In order to keep cannabis fresh, whether it is in the form of joints or edibles, follow these simple steps: 

  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight to avoid mold and mildew growth
  • Keep in glass Mason jars with enough air at the top for long-lasting freshness. This also helps lock in the smell
  • Separate your strains so that they maintain their intended smell and flavor
  • Do not store cannabis in a refrigerator or freezer
  • Avoid storing in plastic bags or containers
  • If you’re storing edibles, always be aware of the expiration date and follow storage instructions listed on the product box

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Cannabis

For many individuals curious about using cannabis for the first time, the commonly-described ‘skunky’ aroma is often a large barrier to entry. Cannabis smell is incredibly distinct and can often be left behind on clothing, furniture and car interiors, even hair. The good news? There are plenty of preventative measures you can take to prepare a room before you light up.

After you’ve smoked, the best way to get rid of the smell is to introduce a smoke odor neutralizer spray immediately. That’s where Cannabolish comes in. You can now fight smoke odor with plant power. Simply spray Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray in the air or distribute containers of Odor Eliminating Gel in discrete locations around the room. 

Cannabolish natural ingredients and zero artificial fragrances will fight odor while you enjoy your products and will not leave a lingering, artificial odor after. With Cannabolish odor removing products, and our helpful tips for how to get started using marijuana, you can build a cannabis habit that works for you and others around you.

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