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Weed Vaping 101: Guide to Bringing Your Marijuana on the Go

According to statistics, marijuana has joined the list of the most accessible drugs worldwide. While some users consume it for medicinal purposes, others want to blow off some steam, tame stress, or develop laser focus to help them relish different tasks at hand.

Intriguingly, many marijuana users have now given up the smoke. They prefer vaping the product to get high fast while enjoying the wonders of modern tech. And here’s a piece of even more exciting news— you can also vape it while on the move, not only when you’re at home.

Of course, if you’re a newbie, you probably have a thousand questions running through your mind besides how to vape weed. What should you bring with you? And will everyone you come across know you vaped weed because you can’t do away with the smell?

Take it easy. We will answer all your questions in this guide so that you know everything about vaping your marijuana on the go. Let’s get started!

Ways to Consume Weed by Vape

Knowing the best methods to vape weed should be your priority if you want to do it while on the road. The three main ways are:

  • Dry herb vaping
  • Using cannabis oil cartridges
  • Dabbing (where your wax cannabis concentrates utilizing a specialized rig)

Note that these ways suit different users, and you must mull over your individual needs before choosing the method to leverage. For instance, dabbing is the ideal option for experienced weed vapers who can handle the concentrates’ high potency.

Regardless of how you consume cannabis by vaping, don’t throw caution to the wind. Here are some general rules to observe:

  • Don’t vape weed when you have important social commitments, like enjoying dinner with some friends
  • Only vape marijuana when you’re hydrated and have some snacks or food around
  • Never vape when driving
  • Always vape the right dosage (depending on how the herb affects you)

How to Vape Dry Weed: What You’ll Need

If you intend to vape weed while traveling, carry all the necessary items so that nothing spoils your fun moment. These include:

Dry Weed

Pack quality dry herbs when leaving your home for your trip. If your region has already legalized medical or recreational marijuana, securing it shouldn’t be too big a task. Otherwise, consider turning to trustworthy CBD cannabis sellers online.

Remember, not all dry herb vapes well – the best one must not be excessively dry or sticky. Be particularly cautious in case of the latter, as it could mean your weed is of poor quality and unsafe to vape.


Can you vape weed without a vaporizer? No, the device is a must-have. And fortunately, you have a sea of options to consider when scouring the market for one, with some packing better features than others. Since you’re on the move, going for a portable vaporizer should be a no-brainer.

But you must also factor in the quality of vapor, build or design, and ease to use. Additionally, pay attention to charging time and battery life as they affect the device’s usability.


Remember to throw your grinder in your travel bag to get the most out of your dry herb vaporizer. Ideally, it’ll make breaking down your marijuana a piece of cake, and help you get a more consistent texture.


You’ll require a few more things to guarantee the best weed vaping experience. For example, a brush comes in handy when cleaning your vaporizer, allowing optimal performance. Other essential vape accessories include 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, a drip tip, cotton swabs, a charger, and an extra battery.

How to Vape Weed with THC Drops

Some marijuana lovers prefer vaping with THC drops because they deliver an out-of-this-world cannabinoid experience. If you’d like to join this team, have some THC distillate or oil, and a weed pen in your arsenal. Then, here’s what you should do:

  • Remove the rubber seal at the bottom of your vape pen cartridge to kick start the vaping session
  • Charge the device, or ensure its fully charged to prevent your vaping session from being cut short
  • Only press the weed pen’s button when you begin inhaling (refrain from doing it before as it could burn your lips)
  • Replace the cartridge the moment the flavor diminishes to prevent THC oil wastage

Doubtlessly, knowing how to fill your weed pen is critical to vaping with THC drops. So, how should you go about it? Check out these easy steps to follow:

  • Get an empty THC distillate cartridge and a syringe with the cannabis oil
  • Use the syringe to slowly inject a few THC drops into the cart while making small circular motions
  • Fill the cart until you cover the wicking holes on the exterior of the coil housing
  • Allow the cart to sit for about 30 minutes after filling so the THC oil’s high viscosity can soak the wick

How to Get Rid of Vaping Smells

“Do weed vapes smell?” This is among the frequently asked questions about vaping marijuana. Unfortunately, these devices emit weed odor that could let people around you know you’re from a vaping session. But on the upside, we have the perfect quick and easy solution for you – our premium weed-smell-eliminating sprays, gels, and candles.

At Cannabolish, we provide natural weed odor-removing products with sweet Lavender and Wintergreen scents that you can use anywhere, whether it’s in your car, hotel rental, Airbnb, or bathroom. Our options are loaded with natural oils, so you shouldn’t worry about suffering the effects of harmful chemicals that might affect your skin or health.

What’s more, our Cannabolish weed smell removal products are versatile. You can utilize them to do away with any unpleasant odors stuck in your travel bag, bedding, and even clothes, allowing everything around you to have a nice fragrance at all times. Ready to get your refreshing, travel-friendly weed odor-eliminating spray, gel, or candle from Cannabolish? Check out Cannabolish.com for more information on products to help eliminate your cannabis odors.

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