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Jobs in the Weed and Cannabis Industry

The marijuana industry has proliferated over the last decade. According to Statista, the legal cannabis market will be worth 24 billion by 2025, growing at a rate of 122.5%

There are currently around 243,000 Americans who work in the cannabis industry, and the number might rise by half by 2023. There are also hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created every year. So, there are many ways to get jobs in the cannabis industry.

What Are Cannabis Jobs?

Cannabis industry jobs result from the planting, manufacturing, distribution of cannabis, marketing, and even accounting. With the legalization of cannabis in about 30 US states, jobs have been created. In fact, it is among the fastest-growing industry in job creation.

And maybe you’re wondering, are marijuana jobs and cannabis careers legit?

Yes, they are. Most states have legalized it. In fact, it’s very inclusive and diverse. You can land a job here irrespective of your skill level, educational and professional background. You only need to be innovative, and you’ll land an auspicious prospect in this sector.

What Jobs Specific to the Marijuana Industry?

Cannabis industry jobs range from growers, budtenders, security guards, drivers, lab technicians, accountants, marketers, dispensary managers, and retail salespeople.

Here’s a deep dive into some:

Budtender, Dispensary Tech, Dispensary Agent

A dispensary budtender is someone who helps customers find the products that they’re looking for. They work at a dispensary or retail store where they sell marijuana products. A budtender helps customers choose between strains, or they might recommend something based on their desired effect.

Being an entry-level marijuana job, you don’t need to be a master in this field to be hired. Besides, you need strong interpersonal skills because you constantly communicate with customers.

Master Grower, Director of Cultivation, Botanical Specialist

Master growers are responsible for caring for the plants while they are being cultivated. Growers must ensure that the plants have enough water and food and keep their environment clean and safe. In addition, they need to ensure that any pesticides or herbicides applied don’t harm the plants.

Master growers are responsible for cultivating the best strains of cannabis. They must have a background in horticulture, a related field, or relevant experience growing legal cannabis. Also, they select the right genetics and provide proper growing conditions and harvesting techniques.

Therefore, this role calls for one to manage a group of cannabis growers and work with compliance assessors and law enforcers.

Cultivation Site Worker

Cultivation site workers are those who tend to the plants while they are being grown. They care for the plants’ water, air circulation, lighting, and temperature. They also make sure that the plants receive enough nutrients and sunlight.

So, if you are looking to make your hands dirty, this is the ideal position. This role mostly wants someone who wants to grow in the cannabis industry but lacks experience. So, you can start here, then advance to master growers.

Lab Technicians

Lab technicians are those who perform tests on samples of cannabis. They test the quality of the product and ensure that the correct amount of THC and CBD is present in each sample. In addition, they look at the product’s color and smell. They also check the potency of the product.

Lab technicians also ensure that the packaging is secure and that the product hasn’t been tampered with. This assures the client that they are consuming the right products.

Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis consultants are experts in the field of cannabis. They help companies understand how to use cannabis legally and responsibly. They advise businesses on how to market their products and services using cannabis.

Although you will undoubtedly need some strong credentials to land this position, it is among the highest-paying jobs in the weed industry.

Jobs in the Marijuana Industry Not Weed Related?

The employment available in the marijuana industry is just as diverse as in any other field, as seen in the examples below. Additionally, although they can be helpful, you don’t have to require cannabis-related knowledge or abilities. You need any marketable knowledge or experience that can help a marijuana-related business with one of its operations.

Sales and Marketing for a Cannabis Company

Would you like to assist in creating, introducing, or growing a buzzworthy cannabis brand? Effective marketing techniques are essential for the long- and short-term success of any marijuana business. Public relations, market research, advertising, consumer interaction, and other crucial fields all call for qualified experts.

Business Development

Business development is a broad term that includes many different roles. These roles may include business strategy, finance, legal, human resources, operations, and customer service. The cannabis industry’s businesses are similar. Administrative duties must be completed quickly and effectively. There’s always work to be done in the administrative department, from straightforward bookkeeping to general office administration.

Legal Support

It takes a lot of legal obstacles to get over and much-complicated documentation to file to launch and run a reputable cannabis business. Thus, in addition to attorneys, paralegals also assist in lessening that burden.

Legal support is a role that involves providing information about laws and regulations to clients. Many people think that lawyers only deal with the law, but legal counselors often advise their clients on how to navigate it best.

Cannabis Content Writer

Writing is a job that requires creativity and imagination. Writers create content for websites, books, magazines, newspapers, and social media platforms. Writing is a great career choice because it offers flexibility and independence. And any cannabis website needs a compelling copy. So, cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, and edibles producers enjoy creatively using their blogs to promote their companies. You can submit story ideas to various periodicals and online sites focusing on marijuana.

Ultimately if you land a job in the weed industry, one thing is for sure, if you work at a dispensary, you will undoubtedly come home smelling like marijuana daily. So, if you do not want that to impact your social life outside of work and want to eliminate the smell of weed from your clothing, try out Cannabolish spray. It is designed specifically for getting rid of marijuana odors.

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