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Is It Better To Keep Weed in the Fridge?

Find out if storing your weed in the fridge is the best option for preserving potency and flavor. Get the pros and cons of fridge vs. room temperature storage in this blog post.

Like most people, you probably have a few weed jars tucked away in a cupboard or closet. But if you’re storing large quantities, it’s essential to keep it fresh. Ensuring the longevity of your cannabis investment is vital; therefore, proper storage in the long term is necessary.

Because you’ve always kept your fruits and vegetables refrigerated, it’s pretty logical to think that you can achieve similar results by using the same storage method for marijuana. However, did you know that cannabis may lose its potency as time goes by? The loss of potency leaves more of the sedative compound cannabinol (CBN) than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

THC is the primary source of a psychotropic high, while CBN has sedating effects. Interestingly, THC breaks down at an approximate rate of 16.6% per annum, regardless of the storage conditions employed.

Is There a Benefit To Keeping Weed in the Fridge?

Regardless of why you use marijuana, it’s important to store it properly to get the most out of it. Is there a benefit to keeping weed in the fridge? We answer this question in three brief points:

  • It’s not an ideal environment: Even though they offer dark and cool environments, storing your weed in the fridge can lead to too much condensation and mold, while freezing will cause it to become dry and brittle. The refrigerator’s low temperatures can break down the cannabinoids and terpenes, causing them to lose their potency and flavor.
  • Too low a temperature for proper storage: Marijuana must be stored at an optimal temperature of below 70°F to preserve its potency. Significant fluctuations in the heat or cold can cause irreparable damage to terpenes and cannabinoids alike.
  • Temperature and humidity fluctuate in refrigerators: To ensure the best quality of cannabis, keeping it in a stable environment is crucial. If kept too humid, it can grow mold and become harsher when smoked; if too dry, it will become brittle and lose its flavor profile. You can preserve your weed’s vibrant colors while keeping its aroma and taste unchanged by ensuring proper storage.

Can You Freeze Weed?

What Happens if You Put Your Weed in the Freezer?

Trichomes, the little hairs on marijuana buds, are essential to terpene & cannabinoid synthesis. Freezing the buds will make the trichomes very brittle and susceptible to breakage during handling. The damage may further reduce the weed’s potency.

You can store other marijuana products, such as wax, oil, shatter or resin in the freezer, provided you keep them in an airtight container. Doing so will go a long way in preserving freshness and maintaining potency.

A UV-proof glass container is your best option if you’re looking for the most optimal long-term results. However, mason jars are perfect alternatives if they aren’t available – make sure to store them in an area without direct sunlight and keep them cool and dry!

How Should You Store Marijuana?

Storing marijuana is an excellent step in ensuring the quality of your cannabis over some time. It’s important to note that you should keep marijuana in a dark, cool, and dry place. The high temperature will most likely cause terpenes to decrease and the buds to dry out.

Frigid temperatures will cause terpenes to degrade and cannabinoid content to drop. Temperatures below 74 degrees are ideal as that’s the point at which mold and mildew thrive. Between 55 and 65 degrees is the perfect temperature.

Ensure you also minimize light, air and humidity exposure. Store your marijuana away from direct sunlight; the darker the storage conditions, the better. The sun’s ultraviolet rays degrade the quality of marijuana, and research has proven it to be the main factor behind cannabinoid deterioration. The result is comparable to leaves or grass that start turning brown after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

For that reason, we recommend these containers for weed storage:

  • Mason jars: Mason jars are great for short-term storage as they prevent exposure to light, air, and humidity. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Well-sealed plastic bag: Using a well-sealed plastic bag for marijuana storage is an effective way to maintain the potency and flavor of your weed. The airtight seal prevents exposure to the elements while keeping the right temperature. Plastic bags are more affordable than most other forms of storage, making them a great option for budget-conscious stoners. Take note that you should only use these bags for temporary storage.
  • Humidor box: Humidor boxes are one of the most effective storage solutions for preserving the quality of cannabis. These airtight containers protect your marijuana from UV rays, light, oxygen, and humidity. Humidors come in various sizes and materials – from traditional wooden boxes to more modernized acrylic options.

The Bottom Line

Storing weed in the fridge or freezer is not the ideal place for marijuana. Fridges run the risk of mold and mildew developing. Freezers will make it highly brittle, causing terpenes to break off. The perfect storage is in a dark, cool, dry place and sealed container. Ensure the temperature is between 55 and 65 degrees and no more than 75 degrees.

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By carrying out the tips on this post (and using the right storage methods), you can rest assured that your marijuana will stay fresh for longer! Just remember to keep it cool, dark, and dry. Also, remember to use Cannabolish if you need to keep the smell under control. With a little effort, your weed can remain in top condition for months or even years.

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