A lineup of Cannabolish products, including gels, candles, and sprays

How to Use Cannabolish

How to Use the Spray and Candle to Remove Marijuana Odors


Mist a few pumps of weed smell spray in areas where marijuana smoke smells are strong. The natural plant oils in Cannabolish find and eliminate weed smoke smells, without fake perfumes or harmful chemicals. Spray bottles are available in two sizes.

The 8 fl. oz. Spray bottle works well for use in your house or apartment to get rid of pot odors in rooms, hallways, and common areas.

Carry the 2 fl. oz. Spray bottle in your purse, backpack, or luggage, for on-the-go smoke odor control as you travel. Or stash a bottle in your car glove box or center console to remove weed smells from your car.


Set a chill mood with the Cannabolish weed smell eliminating Candles … and remove smells from weed smoke. Light the candle in rooms where odors are present, either during or after a session. As it burns, the natural ingredients in Cannabolish find and eliminate pot smoke odor molecules.

Scented candles contain harmful chemicals that are released while burning and synthetic scents to cover up odors. The Cannabolish clean-burning soy Candle includes natural plant oils — no paraffin wax, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens.

How It Works: The Science Behind Cannabolish

Cannabolish uses a combination of nature and science to get rid of marijuana smoke odors. The actual science part can be somewhat complex, but generally works like this:

  • All odors are chemical compounds
  • Cannabolish products find and attach to odor-causing compounds
  • Then, a chemical reaction makes new compounds
  • These new compounds don’t smell; odors gone!

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