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How to Store Marijuana and Keep It Fresh

While many of us may no longer view cannabis as something to keep hidden, your stash can still benefit from being stored securely. Because of the plant’s complexities, however, the type of storage you need will depend greatly on how often you consume and even the climate in which you live. 

Whether you’re a casual user looking to keep your reserves at optimal freshness while storing marijuana long-term, or you’re a cultivator interested in keeping your most recent harvest fresh before distribution, there are some very basic do’s and don’ts you can follow to preserve potency. 

Check out our tips for how to store marijuana, cut down on marijuana odors, and keep it fresh no matter how often you dip into your stash.

Considering Temperature While Storing Cannabis

One of the biggest things to consider when storing marijuana long term is temperature. Cannabinoids in marijuana are very sensitive to heat. After all, heat is the catalyst in the decarboxylation process that converts THCA to THC and the variable that leads to some of the most common mistakes when baking edibles for the first time. 

When considering how to keep marijuana fresh, make sure to factor in potential heat sources like direct sunlight, a radiator, or heater vents. Cannabinoids and the plant’s essential oils, also known as terpenes, will dry out in temperatures reaching 80°F. So if you intend to smoke your cannabis, excessive heat will eliminate a smooth smoking experience. 

Conversely, cannabis is also sensitive to cold. Storing marijuana long term in an environment with temperatures below 50°F can cause damage to the plant’s trichomes which are the small, sphere-like structures on the plant leaves that store cannabinoids and resin, giving the plant it’s frosty appearance. Here is our break down of temperature do’s and don’ts for keeping cannabis fresh: 

Temperature Do's and Don'ts

DO store cannabis in a dark location with a low temperature.
DON’T store cannabis in warm, direct sunlight.

DO store cannabis away from heaters and electronics that give off heat.
DON’T store cannabis in the freeze or the fridge which can damage the cannabis’s trichomes and promote the growth of mold and mildew. 

Considering Relative Humidity While Storing Cannabis

Another important factor to take into account when deciding how to keep marijuana fresh is relative humidity, or RH. While RH may be slightly out of your control, there are certain steps you can take to prevent exposure to excessive humidity. Make sure cannabis is stored away from humidifiers and inherently damp and dark areas like under sinks or in the bathroom. 

To that end, it may also be beneficial to keep cannabis away from clusters of houseplants that also have a tendency to produce humidity and the potential to harbor fungi and mites. In high humidity, cannabis will fall victim to mildew and mold just like any other organism, so it’s important your stash isn’t exposed to warm, damp air for long periods of time.

That being said, keeping marijuana fresh does require some humidity. In fact, the right RH can enhance color, maintain the plant’s consistency, and preserve its complex scent and flavor profile. You should seek to maintain RH levels between 59% and 63% for keeping cannabis fresh and find a container that minimizes oxygen exposure for maximum potency. Here are some more do’s and dont’s:

Humidity Do’s and Dont’s

DO store cannabis in a designated container with oxygen regulation like a mason jar.
DON’T store marijuana long term in a grinder or a bowl where it can easily dry out.

DO store marijuana in a location with a consistent temperature and humidity levels. 
DON’T store cannabis in a place with excess moisture like under the sink, in the bathroom, or near a humidifier.

Finding the Right Container for Storing Cannabis

When you consider just how sensitive cannabis is to temperature and humidity, it should come as no surprise that all of those tiny, organic structures that make this plant so wonderful are also sensitive to oxygen exposure. 

One of the best ways to keep marijuana fresh is to choose an airtight or neutrally charged container, like a mason jar. Glass jars with airtight lids are great for cutting down on excessive oxygen and it may be a very practical, cost-effective option for many at-home cannabis users.

It’s best to avoid plastic containers and plastic bags for storing marijuana long term as they can promote humidity, causing cannabis to sweat. Additionally, plastics have a tendency to alter taste and smell which will detract from the freshness of your cannabis.

Choosing the right container is not only great for keeping marijuana fresh it can also cut down on odor between sessions. You can take odor elimination a step further with Cannabolish Odor Removing Products like clean-burning, soy wax candles, fragrance-free room spray, and cannabis odor removing gel for a discrete, set-and-forget option.

Make sure to keep fresh cannabis covered or stored away whenever you spray Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray as the natural plant oils can alter the plant’s flavor profile. Here are more storage do’s and don’ts:

Storage Container Do’s and Don’ts

DO store marijuana in a glass container with an airtight lid.
DON’T store cannabis in a tobacco humidor as the oils from the cedar can change the flavor profile of the strain.

DO store marijuana strains separately to maintain the flavor profile of each unique strain.
DON’T store paraphernalia and partially smoked cannabis with your stash as the odor from these items may contaminate fresh cannabis.

DO use all natural odor eliminating products to fight cannabis odors before and after every session.
DON’T use odor eliminating products with artificial fragrances as it can change the flavor and scent profile of your favorite strains.

For more tips and tricks for managing cannabis odor and getting the most out of your favorite strains, sign up for the 421 Club and make sure to check back in to our blog.

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