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How to Smoke Weed Without Smell & Enjoy Cannabis at Home

When you live with other people, it can sometimes be difficult to find privacy or some much-needed alone time to decompress — especially if your preferred way of unwinding is smoking cannabis.

Smoking weed indoors can be tricky if your family or roommates aren’t quite so keen on the smell. And you probably feel guilty and paranoid that every time you light up, the smell is just going to be too hard to get rid of or keep from lingering throughout the rest of the house. 

Don’t give up just yet. We’re here to tell you that it is possible to enjoy your cannabis smoking sessions when you live with others and there are ways to do so without smelling up the entire house! Follow our tips found below.

Why Does Cannabis Smell So Strong?

Every strain of cannabis has a complex aroma—we like to call it the unique stink of cannabis—that derives primarily from the mix of the plant’s terpenes and essential oils. Some of these terpenes have a stronger odor than others, like in the case of myrcene terpenes. Myrcene is one of the most common and most fragrant terpenes found in cannabis, so if you’re looking to cut down on odor when smoking marijuana indoors, you might want to look for strains that are higher in limonene, terpinolene, or linalool.

Additionally, what many smokers and onlookers tend not to realize when smoking weed indoors is the tendency for that odor to hang around. When cannabis odor mixes with natural body odors and other common foul smells around the house, that cannabis aroma gets amplified even further. That’s why it’s so easy for cannabis smoke to stick to hair, clothes, and furniture, making it difficult to remove.

It’s no secret that the most common complaint surrounding smoking cannabis is that the smell is unpleasant and that it adheres to everything. While this is somewhat avoidable due to the number of odor-creating organic compounds and essential oils on the plant’s leaves, there are certain measures any cannabis user can take to get weed smell out of a room and add fresh smells back into the house.

How to Smoke Weed Without Smelling the House

Smoking marijuana indoors doesn’t have to feel like an impossible mission, and it can be very easy to mitigate unpleasant smells with an odor solution formulated to handle the unique stink of your favorite strains. Check out some of our favorite methods for eliminating cannabis odor from your home.

1. Prepare Your Space.

Close the door (preferably in a room where only you spend the most time, like your bedroom), open a window, and get comfortable. 

And despite popular belief that fans help circulate the smoky air with fresh air, we don’t recommend turning on a fan because it will only blow the smoke more quickly through door cracks and into the rest of the house. Not to mention, it can be distracting to have smoke blowing all over the place when you’re trying to chill out. 

Top off the ambiance with a Cannabolish Odor Removing Soy Wax Candle, made with safe, natural ingredients and no fake, overpowering fragrances.

2. Don't Try to Mask the Smell, Eliminate It. 

There is nothing worse than spraying synthetic, chemical sprays over a bad smell. More often than not, sprays with artificial fragrance only add an additional layer of odor to something you’re trying to get rid of. And specifically, in the case of cannabis smoke, sprays are ultimately an ineffective solution for cannabis odors that linger. Don’t make smoking marijuana indoors harder than it needs to be.

Instead, try Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray, a natural blend of water and plant oils that completely removes the smell of cannabis smoke in any room or surface (even clothes!). 

3. Clean Up Immediately After a Smoking Sesh. 

The last thing you want to be thinking about after enjoying a nice, relaxing smoke session is cleanup duty. But trust us when we say it will bring peace of mind to you and your housemates if you clean up immediately after smoking.

Avoid chemical-based cleaners and opt for cannabis-specific cleaners instead. The less of a mess you leave afterward, the more comfortable you’ll feel about lighting up the next time. The cleanup will show just how committed you are to making those that live with you feel more at ease about the smell, too.

And don’t forget to stash and store your cannabis the right way to keep it fresh and minimize odor in the interim of your next session. Now, you can feel confident about unwinding and enjoying time with your favorite cannabis while not having to worry about the smell getting out of hand. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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