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How to Get Rid of the Smoke Smell in Your Rental Property

Ways to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your Rental Property

If you’re a renter, you may find that keeping your property free from the smell of smoke can help protect your deposit. The big question is, however, how to get the smell out of rental houses. As cannabis smells linger whether you smoke it with tobacco or not, it is vital to keep your home free from smoky odors. We put together this guide detailing the four most effective ways to get weed smell out of rental properties. You can still enjoy your sesh regardless of the weather outdoors when you follow our advice and take appropriate steps to keep your home fresh and clean. Getting rid of smoke smells helps you stay comfortable in your home and is something that everybody who partakes in smoking should do every so often. Constantly smoking indoors without the occasional deep clean will cause your home to be musty when you have visitors over and cause issues with your landlord if you live in a rental property.

Deodorize the Property’s Air

If you have a non-smoking rental, one of the most effective ways to combat the smell of weed is by refreshing the air in your home. The first step is to open several windows to create a breezeway through your home. They can help create a fresh stream of air that flows through your home; however, it isn’t suitable for homes with few windows. You’ll likely have to take alternative steps to get the weed smell out of your rental.

One of the most effective traditional cleaning methods is using vinegar or ammonia to clean smoke-stained surfaces. These chemicals have the power to remove the smell of smoke and the signs of long-term indoor smoking in your rental. These affordable and easy-to-find cleaning solutions are an easy way to sanitize your home’s air. Deodorizing your property’s air is the first step in how to get the smell out of a rental house.

Clean Your Home’s Surfaces

Cleaning all your home’s surfaces may seem like a monumental task, but it’s essential to get rid of the smell of weed smoke. The ones you should pay particular attention to include ceilings, walls, and fans. As smoke rises, you’ll likely need to clean the upper parts of your room more than the lower parts. Paying close attention to the corners of the room and any hard-to-reach areas will help reduce the chance of your home smelling smoky after you’ve finished cleaning.

Cleaning with vinegar or ammonia-based solution that can be used to get rid of the smell of smoke will also clean your surfaces. You can always go over with an anti-bacterial solution after for an added layer of cleanliness. It’s vital to thoroughly clean all accessible surfaces as the smell of smoke settles in over time. Your hard work will pay off and not only will your home smell better but it will look better, too. People who smoke indoors should aim to clean more frequently than those who don’t because of how smoke can cling to the surfaces in your rental.

Clean Your Carpets or Hardwoods

Despite being low down, the thick and fibrous nature of carpets means that smoke will linger. A professional carpet cleaner has heavy-duty machinery that will refresh and rejuvenate the most tired of carpets. If a professional cleaning service is out of your budget, you can apply baking soda to your carpet, and leave it to sit for a few hours, before vacuuming it. Cleaning your hardwood floor can also help eliminate weed smells in your rental and should be the final part of your smoke-removal process. A clean floor really completes the room and helps your home look, smell, and feel great!

Use a Natural Smoke Eliminating Spray

The quickest and easiest way to eliminate smoke odors in your house or apartment is by using a natural smoke-eliminating spray. A spray is not just convenient but also effective and is the solution you need when you’re wondering how to get weed smell out of rental houses. Using a weed odor-eliminating spray keeps your rental property smelling fresh and will eliminate any unwanted odors in your home. Keeping your rental unit free from smoky smells is essential and has never been easier thanks to Cannabolish. Cannabolish is the premier weed odor removal spray manufacturer and the easiest way to keep your home smelling smoke-free.

Cannabolish stocks a range of weed odor removal products that eliminate even the strongest of smoky smells. Our sprays are completely natural and can be used at any point during your sesh. Whether you want to light up in a room that smells like our signature scents or you’re looking to remove any lingering odors, our sprays are perfect for use at any time during your sesh. We offer travel-size sprays, so you can always smoke in peace. Our scientifically formulated sprays are the most effective way to get the weed smell out of your rental house. We believe in enjoying our sesh with the peace of mind that there won’t be any long-term lingering odors after we’ve finished. Cannabolish is here for you when you need to eliminate pesky odors and will never let you down when you’re trying to freshen your rental. Our sprays will transform your home and give you the peace of mind that it smells great for your guests.

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