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How to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking

In 2017, Marist College conducted a survey and found that over half of American adults have tried marijuana and of those that have tried it, around 44% say they regularly use it. Since then, more states have legalized the use of cannabis and the numbers of consistent users continue to climb. 

With the increase in popularity, the industry has become more accommodating to their evolving audience, many of whom want to learn how to consume marijuana without smoking. Medical conditions, sensitivity to the smell, and sharing spaces with someone who doesn’t use cannabis are all valid reasons to choose a method other than smoking. 

It’s important to use cannabis in a way that is relaxing and safe for you and those around you. Discover our tips for finding the perfect way to use cannabis without smoking and remember: you should never feel pressured to consume cannabis in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with a community that supports you and your decisions. 

How to Consume Marijuana in Food and Beverages

Incorporating cannabis into food and drinks, also known as edibles, is a very popular alternative way to enjoy marijuana that doesn’t cause odor. They’ve become more mainstream and can be purchased as gummies, chocolate bars, brownies, even infused drinks in dispensaries across the U.S. If you’re interested in enjoying cannabis without smoking and would prefer to give edibles a try, here’s what to keep in mind when ingesting cannabis for the first time. 

For those that are new to edibles the most important thing to understand is proper dosage. Edibles tend to be highly concentrated with THC or CBD, so consume with caution. Different products will have varying levels of THC, CBD, or both. If you’re new to consuming edibles, eat or drink only a small portion and see how you feel after 90 minutes before finishing. 

Many cannabis users gravitate toward purchasing edibles like gummies and brownies because they’re discreet and odorless. But if you enjoy batching your own edibles at home, you can easily incorporate marijuana into your cooking by purchasing approved cannabis concentrates. Butter is one of the most common oil-infused kitchen essentials, but it’s also available in oils and distillates. 

While there’s no way to fully avoid a smell when you cook with cannabis or concentrates, there are ways to get rid of cannabutter smellCannabolish Odor Removing Candles are an odorless, natural way to eliminate cannabis odors in the air. Light the clean-burning candle as you bake and allow the safe ingredients to remove cannabis odors without the harsh chemicals or perfumes of other air care products. 

How to Consume Marijuana by Vaping or Dabbing

Another way to enjoy cannabis without smoking is by vaping or dabbing. While some research shows vaping may be a healthier alternative to smoking, many cannabis users also prefer to use this method because it doesn’t directly burn flower, which creates a strong skunky smell.

A vape pen is a small vaporizing tool which allows for discreet consumption. The technology applies heat to the flower or the concentrated oil loaded into the pen and vaporized in a delicate way. The vapor then drifts to the mouthpiece allowing the consumer to use cannabis without smoking. 

Much like a vape pen, a dab pen is a smaller, refillable tool that users can load with various forms of concentrate to enjoy cannabis without smoking. Though this process involves heating a concentrate in forms of wax at a much higher speed and temperature, the smell is limited.

Cannabolish has created an on-the-go size of the Odor Removing Spray that will quickly take care of any unwanted odors. Spritz a few times where you’ve vaped or dabbed and smells vanish. 

Using Cannabis Infused Topicals

Marijuana carries many healing properties that can be applied to the body through cannabis-infused topical medications –no smoking, eating, or vaporizing necessary. These topicals can also be a great way to consume marijuana that doesn’t cause odor. 

There are numerous benefits to balms, salves, lotions, and other products. Doctors and specialists recommend them to patients with outward and inward symptoms such as inflammation, skin irritation, muscle cramping, and other ailments. These products are unique because applying them usually doesn’t mean that they come in contact with the bloodstream. As a result, they don’t give the same type of “high” as smoking, so your mind will be less affected while your body still gets healing benefits. 

Let the baking soda sit for a while to soak up the smell before vacuuming it up. The severity of the smell may vary based on the type of marijuana and how long the carpet was exposed to the scent. In cases of particularly egregious odors, the baking soda may need to sit for a few hours to effectively absorb the odor.

Thanks to the growing popularity of cannabis and dispensaries with a multitude of THC and CBD products, there are now many ways to use cannabis without smoking while still enjoying its effects. As an innovator in the cannabis industry, Cannabolish also makes it possible to enjoy marijuana at home thanks to its gentle odor eliminating products. Find out more about how Cannabolish makes cannabis use more enjoyable for users everywhere.

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