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How to Clean Your Bong or Water Pipe

Cleaning out your bong and pipe is something we all avoid but is something that we should be doing regularly. How to clean a bong is essential knowledge for all owners. Thankfully, the team at Cannabolish has put together this handy guide that shares the benefits of cleaning your bong or weed pipe and the many benefits associated with a thorough clean. These factors mean everyone should know how to clean a bong bowl and regularly do their bit to keep their sesh as enjoyable as possible.

For example, did you know that a clean pipe or bong will speed up your sesh? A clogged bowl will help you burn your flowers more efficiently and avoid heating the stale resin clogging your bong or pipe. Likely, you cannot enjoy your fresh flower when inhaling the remnants of your last sesh. This unpleasant idea brings us to the next point. That resin build-up and whatever else is stuck there will make your smoke incredibly harsh. If you notice yourself coughing after hitting your bong or pipe, it could be because it needs a deep clean.

The taste of your flowers is a fundamental aspect of the ideal smoke, with more people choosing top-shelf strains for their flavor and aroma. It should be no surprise that if you never clean your bong or pipe, the taste of your smoke is severely impaired. Why waste money on a fragrant flower if you inhale it through a dirty bong or pipe? The build-up of resin will also cause issues with blockages. These blockages will cause you to burn more flowers and waste more. A clean bong is efficient and can also be better for your health. Bacteria thrive in water, and that old, yellow liquid at the bottom of your bong is the perfect breeding ground.

Tips for Cleaning Your Bong

Many people want to know how to clean a glass bong without alcohol but cleaning with alcohol is often the most effective and easiest way of preparing for your next sesh. Listen to the experts when cleaning your bong, so you avoid any chemicals that could harm you, your bong, or the quality of your sesh. Ivanna Navarro, a budtender at top Canadian cannabis brand Burb, said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “You wouldn’t reuse the same paper filter on your joint, right? Well, the same rule applies to your bong water.” This wisdom should highlight the importance of keeping your bong clean and your sesh free from pollutants.

When you notice a residue forming around the water line, that shows it’s time to clean your bong. Bits of a flower floating in the water also hint that now is the time for a clean. You don’t need much when it comes to the actual cleaning and should be able to do it with things you have around the house. All you need is isopropyl alcohol, 91 or 99 percent is perfect, and some coarse salt. The first step is to place the removable pieces on one side. You can clean parts like the mouthpiece with pipe cleaners to clear any obstructions.

The cleaning process is simple. Empty your bong, pour alcohol in, and some coarse salt to act as the abrasive. Shake your bong to use the salt to its full potential. It’ll only take around five minutes of shaking to clean out your bong and have it ready for your next sesh. Rinsing with soap and water after you finish shaking is crucial to remove residual alcohol.

Tips for Cleaning Your Weed Pipe

How to clean a weed pipe is almost identical to cleaning bongs, and the only extra equipment you need is a paperclip and a sealable plastic bag. Again, these are household items, so you should be able to regularly clean your pipe with minimal headache. Knowing how to clean a pot pipe is essential knowledge for those looking for a sesh in the most traditional means. Pot pipes are one of the most ancient ways we can smoke, so cleaning them is well-established science.

The first step is to fill your bag with alcohol and shake out any residue from your pipe before fully submerging it in your bag. Add salt into your bag and ensure it reaches as much of the pipe as possible. The salt will get to work on areas that would be unreachable by a pipe cleaner or a brush. The next step requires patience, as you need to leave your pipe submerged in this solution for at least 12 hours. This lengthy soak will help the deep clean process and eliminate any troublesome resin.

There may be a chance that you have some of the most stubborn resin still clinging to your weed pipe. If this happens, take a pipe cleaner and gently scrub at it. You can always submerge it again if it isn’t as clean as you like. The best thing for you to do is clean your favorite weed pipe as frequently as possible. The more you deep clean it, the less likely resin will have time to build up and cause blockages and other problems while you smoke.

Hopefully, you’re now well-versed in the best ways to take care of your bongs and pipes. You’ll be ready to enjoy your next sesh in a pipe or bong that’s as fresh as the day you purchased it, thanks to the tips we covered in this guide.Come back and visit us for more cannabis tips and insights, and don’t forget to stop by our shop to check out our odor plant-powered eliminating products that are made without all the toxic junk.

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