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Great Marijuana Smoking Accessories for Seasoned & New Users

Whether you’re new to smoking cannabis or a seasoned pro, it’s always fun to try something new during a smoke session, especially if that something makes your session that much more enjoyable and relaxing. 

Have you ever shopped around for cannabis smoking accessories? We’re talking tools that can make it easier for you to roll joints, grinders, smoke odor eliminators, cleaning and storage products, and more. 

Our number one goal at Cannabolish is to make your next session, and the aftermath, as enjoyable as it can be. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite marijuana accessories, both for those with plenty of smoking experience and those just getting started.

5 Marijuana Smoking Accessories for the Novice

It can be intimidating getting the hang of rolling joints, finding the strain that best suits your needs, figuring out how to clean your smoking equipment, and storing your marijuana properly. But enjoying cannabis should never feel like a chore. These five marijuana smoking accessories will have you feeling like a pro in no time!

1. Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray

Our natural odor-absorbing sprays safely remove lingering cannabis smoke smells. All you have to do is spray our smoke odor removing sprays during and after your sesh. You can use it while you’re enjoying your favorite strains, or after, and you’ll be left with a fresh-smelling room in no time. 

Shop Cannabolish Odor Removing Sprays

2. Otto Smart Grinder & Rolling Machine

Talking about killing two birds with one stone, this is the first all-in-one electric smart grinder and joint rolling machine that fills a perfect cone every time. Your smoking experience will be smooth and you can rest easy knowing none of your product is going to waste. 

Shop Banana Bros. OTTO Automatic Grinder & Cone Filler.

3. Stashlight Storage Tube & Lighter

The best cannabis smoking accessories are dual-use. Here, we have a product that is easily transportable, water-proof and smell-proof, and allows you to carry your joint and lighter in one light and compact place! This accessory will come in handy for travel, hikes or heading over to a pal’s house to smoke. 

Shop Smoke Honest StashLight Storage Tube & Refillable Lighter.

For more tips on How to Store Marijuana and Keep it Fresh, check out our blog.

4. Raw Triple-Flip Magnetic Rolling Tray

This sleek bamboo box opens and expands into a convenient rolling tray with eight configurations. It can store your other marijuana accessories and even has a built-in ashtray. You’ll always have a place to roll, store, and smoke.

Shop RAW Triple-Flip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Foldable Tray. 

5. 420 Science Cleaning Kit

If you’re new to smoking, you probably don’t realize how important it is to clean your equipment between sessions. This non-toxic cleaning kit contains gels and wipes for your glass bongs as well as a resin preventer, so no gunk will be left behind.

Shop 420 Science Cleaning Kit.

5 Marijuana Smoking Accessories for the Pro

If you aren’t a novice, you may be feeling that it’s time to spice up your mundane smoking routine. Have you reached the point where you’re sick of doing all the work yourself? Treat yourself to one these simplifying cannabis smoking accessories!

1. Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle

A cannabis novice would light any old candle to remove odors, but a pro turns to a solution specifically engineered to handle cannabis odors. Cannabolish’s line of cannabis odor removing candles are clean-burning and made of soy and plant oils, to remove smoke odors safely and naturally. Read our blog, “Enjoying the Benefits of Soy Wax Candles While Smoking Cannabis,” to learn more.

Shop Cannabolish Odor Removing Candles. 

2. Silverstick Leather Dugout Kit

Take your cannabis routine to the next level with this cannabis dugout made of genuine leather. This kit contains a filtered pipe, a lighter, a poker, filters, and a storage spot for your marijuana. It’s great for taking on-the-go and pairs wonderfully with the travel size bottle of Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray

Shop SilverStick Leather Dugout Kit.

3. Hydra 3-in-1 Modular Smoking System

This might be one of the most high-tech cannabis smoking accessories we’ve ever seen. This product completely redefines pipe smoking. It is long-lasting and well-designed to provide a bubbler, spoon, and hitter. 

Shop Cali Crusher Hydra 3-in-1 Modular Smoking System.

4. Green Jay Flameless Lighter

Talk about eco-friendly! This line of lighters has zero fuel and zero flame. On top of that, it’s rechargeable, so you can cut down on your pile of questionably-useable lighters around the house and in your car, and build more eco-friendly cannabis practices

Shop Green Jay Pre-Roll Lighters. 

5. 420 Science Glass Cleaning Kit

Don’t shortchange your next smoking session with careless cleaning. This kit contains wipes, resin remover, a three-piece brush set, pipe cleaners, and more. Marijuana smoking pros keep their equipment clean because they know it’s essential for a smooth and effective follow-up session.

Shop 420 Science Glass Cleaning Kit.

Which marijuana accessories are you most excited to try? We hope that our recommendations will make your next smoke session easy and enjoyable! Stay up-to-date on the latest Cannabolish products by checking out our blog!

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