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Does Incense Get Rid of Weed Smells?

Hiding the smell of weed is a top concern for many cannabis users. The odor tends to linger and seep into fabrics, leaving traces of the pungent scent behind long after a smoking session. Incense has long been one of the preferred tools used to mask marijuana, but does incense get rid of weed smells effectively? 

This is a misconception as incense only covers up the smell temporarily. A more effective solution to eliminating odors permanently is a specialized cannabis odor removal product from Cannabolish. Learn more about how these products work and why they are a better choice than incense. 

Understanding the Science of Weed Smell 

Marijuana itself gives off strong skunky, piney, floral, earthy, or even citrusy smells. The exact odor of each strain of cannabis is unique and comes from the presence of chemicals called terpenes. Then of course you have the secondary smell of the smoke and the burnt and ashy remains of a bowl or roach. Smoke is always a tough odor to remove, but weed smoke contains chemicals like ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde, making it a particularly stubborn smell to remove. 

Burning incense or lighting a scented candle doesn't eliminate the smells left behind from weed smoke. It simply covers them for a short time. If you want effective results that last, you must use a targeted solution created for odor removal. 

Debunking the Incense Myth 

Incense dates back to ancient civilizations, where various cultures used fragrant smoke for celebrations, religious ceremonies, and to mask odors. It was also a favorite for deterring insects and aromatherapy and it is still widely used today. 

How Long Do Incense Sticks Burn? 

The time varies by brand and product, but the average burning time is between 20 to 40 minutes. Once the stick burns out and the aroma dissipates, the smell of weed returns, especially if you have yet to clear away the remains of your smoking sesh. 

So, Does Incense Cover Weed Smell? 

Incense is ineffective at eliminating the smell of weed. It just provides a temporary cover-up since it lacks the odor-neutralizing properties required to effectively remove an odor. The perfume of the burning incense stick is strong and gives the illusion of getting rid of the unwanted smell, but it just masks it instead of eliminating it. 

If you rely on incense as an odor eliminator, you probably get frustrated that the scent of marijuana begins to creep back in once the stick burns out. You could light a new one, but continuously burning incense in a closed room is often a bad idea since the smoke contains particles linked to respiratory illnesses. The better option is to use a cannabis odor-removal product that works the first time. 

Introducing Our Specialized Cannabis Odor Removal Products 

When you want real, odor-eliminating results to leave your room smelling fresh and clean, turn to the dedicated cannabis odor removal products by Cannabolish. Choose from a line of smoke odor-eliminating sprays and candles created specifically for marijuana smoke. 

Cannabolish sprays come in an eight-ounce size, or a two-ounce bottle perfect for sticking in your purse, pocket, or car. Choose from a refreshing wintergreen scent or a relaxing lavender. They are the ideal solution for odor removal at home and on the go. The candles also come in wintergreen or lavender and are just as effective at neutralizing odor molecules. Both products work fast, giving you results in just seconds. 

How Our Products Work 

Most air fresheners on the market only cover up odors in the short term with their heavy perfumes. Worse yet, they typically contain harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You don't want that in your home or in the air you breathe. Fortunately, there is a better solution. 

Cannabolish products are free of phthalates and made from safe, natural plant oils that neutralize odors at the molecular level. The blend features wintergreen oil, pure water, and deodorizing plant oils that work to absorb and remove odors without putting toxins into the air and on your clothes and furniture. Over 30 years, Cannabolish has perfected the exact ingredients to target and destroy the odorous chemicals specific to marijuana smoke. Plus, Cannabolish is so safe that you can use it in spaces of all sizes, around people and pets. 

Use Cannabolish sprays and candles as often as needed. The Cannabolish spray is great for before, during, and after a session. Or, use it to freshen up a room. For best results with the soy-based candles, light about 10 minutes before you smoke and leave the candle burning for 15 minutes after you finish. Always burn candles within your sight, away from flammable materials, and on a heat-resistant surface. 

Tips for Preventing Weed Smell 

Having a product on hand to eliminate the lingering smell of weed is important, but there are also ways you can prevent the marijuana smell from becoming overwhelming. 

Proper ventilation is a great way to prevent a room from smelling like weed. Simply open a window, use a fan to direct smoke outside, and aim your exhale to encourage the smoke to leave the room. Running an air purifier is a pricier option, but can also help. 

Another way you can avoid unpleasant smells is by keeping the area fresh and clean. Use baking soda to pull odors from fabrics or a vinegar solution to wipe down surfaces. You can also try leaving out a few bowls of vinegar diluted in water to evaporate and help remove unwanted smells. 


Now that you know that incense just masks the smell of marijuana smoke instead of eliminating it, you can choose an effective cannabis odor-removal product that really works. Browse the line of Cannabis sprays and candles to find your new favorites and stock up!

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