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Does CBD Show Up on Drug Tests?

Drug tests are a part of life for many professions. Some jobs and volunteer opportunities require mandatory testing for all people involved, so asking does CBD show up in drug tests is a popular question. CBD is a compound people from all walks of life use to assist with pain management and other mild issues. These people often wonder, can CBD show up on a drug test? Many factors can influence whether or not CBD gives a positive result for cannabis use.

CBD has grown in popularity recently, with other kinds of cannabis products following suit. While products high in THC are arguably the most common, many people gravitate towards CBD to medicate. The versatility of the cannabis flower means some people enjoy it for the THC, while some are more than happy to focus on CBD-heavy strains. Many people wonder whether CBD will show up on a drug test, should they require one for work. Thankfully, the team at Cannabolish has put together this short guide to help answer the vital question, “Does CBD show up in drug tests”?

While drug tests usually test for THC, CBD products can cause a false positive for several reasons. We’re going to look at why and what you can do to mitigate the risk that your CBD usage will show up on a drug test and dampen your chances of career progression. We understand the importance of avoiding any surprises and providing the most desirable results for any drug tests you may need to take. The following pointers are some of the most common reasons why CBD shows up in a drug test.

Reasons CBD Might Show Up on a Drug Test

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering, can CBD show up in a drug test? We’re here to share why CBD may trigger a false positive and how you can avoid the same fate. CBD usage is widely accepted throughout society, while some professional areas would frown on excessive THC use. This means it’s essential to avoid CBD products that contain traces of THC. CBD alone can rarely trigger a false positive on a sensitive test for THC, so it’s vital to be wary. It’s important to remember that corporate jobs would only test for opiates, THC, and alcohol. So, unless you know you’re getting tested for CBD you should be fine. CBD is well-known for its therapeutic properties. Its usage is widely acknowledged by various authoritative healthcare organizations as being useful for several conditions.

CBD Products May Contain THC

Many CBD products contain small amounts of THC that weren’t removed during the manufacturing process. These trace amounts are unlikely to trigger a positive drug test if used occasionally. However, repeated usage can increase the likelihood of your test is positive. You can avoid this by using products that declare themselves free from THC. Over time, the amount of THC in your system will increase and becomes more likely to trigger a positive drug test result. Choosing top products from leading brands ensures you only get the CBD that works best for your needs.

Always Check Your Labels

CBD oil will always tell you how much THC is likely to be present. If there are trace amounts in your oil, you may be taking an unnecessary risk when medicating with it. Always keep an eye out for CBD products that proudly declare themselves free from psychoactive THC. Taking this step is one of the most effective ways to avoid a false positive and is essential for people facing drug tests in the future. You’ll likely have to pay a little extra for a quality product from a trusted brand but it’s worth it when you consider it stops you from getting a false positive on your drug test.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil

CBD oil derived from hemp ensures you avoid THC when you medicate. THC levels in hemp plants are low and unlikely to cause a positive result. Another plus point of this hemp-derived CBD oil is that hemp is usually rich in CBD. This means that you’ll need less of the oil to achieve your desired effects. Overall, it’s a safe bet to say that hemp-derived CBD oil is unlikely to cause you to fail a drug test. Buying only the best hemp-derived CBD oil helps you stay away from THC and a false positive. Using hemp-derived CBD oil to medicate is arguably the safest way to use CBD without risking a false positive that costs you your career.

Does the Type of CBD Matter?

There are two main types of CBD products, those that are derived from hemp and others from cannabis that contains THC. Hemp-derived products are considerably less likely to contain THC or at least enough of it to trigger a positive result. It’s crucial to be mindful of the type of CBD you use and how frequently you use it. Getting the right kind of CBD is essential for your usage and to avoid getting THC in your system.

Hopefully, you’re in a better position to deal with any future drug tests and avoid false positives. Remember, paying a little extra for the best quality CBD can help you avoid using THC by mistake. You don’t have to break the bank to get high-quality CBD that is free from THC and the possibility of a failed drug test.

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