Cannabolish Candles and Gels in decorative snow next to pinecones

Cannabolish Gift Guide 2021

Wondering what to get a smoker for Christmas? We have just the list you need, curated by our team of cannabis enthusiasts. These are gifts we want to share and receive,  whether they are gifts for stoners or cannabis stocking stuffers. Check out our list below to get your stoner friends the gift that keeps on giving. Happy 420 Christmas gifting!


Stashlogix New Silverton in Maroon – New Color!

The hard-shell Silverton case is the ultimate “Thoughtful. Secure. Discreet.” stash bag. Thoughtful traits like adjustable dividers and a poker pocket solve all of your organizational needs, our patented lockable zippered bags ensure your stash is kept secure, and features like rubber gaskets, a foil lining, and odor absorbent dividers help you maintain a discreet profile. 

Edie Parker Table Top Lighter – $450

Inspired by vintage table lighters of the past, this limited edition tie dye piece will spark more than just conversation! This cleverly designed acrylic lighter comes nestled inside its own matching ashtray.


Shine Gold Rolling Papers Smoking Gift Set – $44

This one-of-a-kind gift box is perfect for the smoker who has everything. Inside, you will find a two-pack of 24K gold rolling papers fit for the fanciest cigarette you’ve ever seen. There’s also a 24K gold king-sized cone, pre-rolled and ready for filling with your favorite herb. Completing the trio is a branded Shine lighter which is the icing on the cake.

Lucky Box Club Subscription – CA Only

For those seeking luxury curated cannabis products. Shipping and delivery available.  PS – check out the winter box set for a Cannabolish Lavender Travel Spray!

Session Goods Lidded Ashtray – $40

Keep your session both classy and clean with this modern take on the classic ashtray. Balancing tasteful design with premium functionality, this ashtray features a resealable silicone lid and easy to clean removable and replaceable debowler.

Cannabolish Sprays & Candles – Wintergreen & New Lavender!

The perfect accessory for the modern cannabis enthusiast. Plant-based, Cannabolish sprays and candles remove smoke odors quickly & effectively – with just a hint of wintergreen or lavender. 

The Wandering Bud Charcoal Cylinder One-Hitter – $55

This Charcoal glaze with 22k gold luster splatter features a personal-sized bowl, with a capacity around 2-3 hits. Measuring at approximately 3″ long, the cylinder is perfect for on-the-go tokes.

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