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Cannabis Use at Different Times of Day

There are a multitude of ways to enjoy your cannabis consumption. Differences in strains and ingestion methods give you varying experiences and feelings. But the time of day can also affect your experience. Waking and Baking, destressing after work, or taking a hit before going to bed can have different influences on your body and experience. Explore how and when to use cannabis for your preferred effect:

Cannabis is one of those drugs that can be used at any time of the day and elicit an enjoyable experience.

Wake and Bake

Waking and Baking refers to smoking cannabis shortly after you wake up and is a common time to get high among users. You don’t have to smoke to enjoy the benefits an early morning smoke sesh would offer you though. Other cannabis users often eat an edible or infuse cannabis into morning tea or baked goods using cannabutter.

Using cannabis in the morning can make it easier to start the day and give you a stronger high. It can lead to higher productivity and creativity in the morning. but it can also make it harder to get high later in the day. For more medical use, CBD is often used in the morning to ease anxiety or body pain throughout the day.

However, you may want to avoid going into work smelling like weed. Cannabolish’s Odor Eliminating Spray can be used on clothing to eliminate the smell of weed, instead of just masking it for a short amount of time.

Mid-afternoon or After Work Hit

Many users enjoy using cannabis after a long workday or in the late afternoon. After completing all your work or running errands, it’s time to relax. Ingesting cannabis after work can be used as a stress reliever and help you enjoy the rest of the day, like a glass of wine. Getting high after work one day should not affect your work the next day either.

With use of the right strain, cannabis use can improve focus and boost energy levels. If you are in a creative slump in the middle of the day or have after-work plans you need to be energized for, weed can be a natural solution for these problems.

Before Going to Bed

Cannabis is a known natural sleep aid because of its ability to help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. Certain strains cause symptoms of muscle relaxation and sleepiness, helping you fall asleep faster.

Weed can be used for insomnia and other sleep disorder problems. For those show struggle with pain that keeps them up during the night, using cannabis can be helpful in improving sleep quality. However, long-term use of cannabis as a sleeping aid is often not recommended by experts. You should always consult your doctor before using cannabis for medical use.

Depending on what method of ingestion you use, your sheets, mattress, pillows, and blankets might start to smell like cannabis. Use Cannabolish’s Odor Eliminating Spray to spray as a direct contact source to eliminate any cannabis odors. That way you can peacefully go to sleep.

Final Thoughts-

The best time of day to use cannabis depends on what your goal is. Some of the benefits of cannabis include increased energy, stress relief, creativity and mood boost, and improved sleep quality. Lighting up at the right time can help you achieve any one of these benefits.  


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