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Can Cannabis Help You Focus? The Best Terpenes for Focus

It often takes a great deal of mental energy and time to buckle down and accomplish your to-dos. We’ve all been there. We have trouble committing to starting important tasks, and we may even push these things off until the last possible second. 

Thankfully, when tasks stack up, you don’t necessarily have to tackle them alone. In fact, there are numerous ways to get yourself up and moving, especially when you’re really grasping for motivation — think drinking caffeine, embracing your “peak hours”, utilizing timers, and similar methods.

But can cannabis help you focus? The answer may surprise you. After all, we frequently associate smoking with “couch lock,” but not all cannabis users feel this sensation. Some people will tell you they experience quite the opposite!

First, Let’s Look at the Science

At Cannabolish, we’re all about the facts and using science to elevate our favorite cannabis-related activities. That’s why Cannabolish products, from our Odor Removing Candle to Smell Eliminating Sprays, are formulated with natural, odor-eliminating ingredients that actually work to absorb the odor-causing molecules of your favorite, most potent strains.

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Although there is no current scientific evidence that definitely proves weed can help you focus, many believe that smoking boosts creativity and concentration. In fact, you may have heard folks recommending cannabis use prior to activities such as cooking, creating artwork, deep cleaning, exercising, and reading.

While cannabis may not directly improve productivity, it can provide relief for daily physical and mental ailments. For instance, cannabis can be a suitable solution for anxiety, depression, fatigue, and even chronic pain, which commonly disrupt people from focusing on tasks at hand.

Thus, folks may notice improved attention and enjoyment from activities that once depleted them. Most notably, folks with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) could significantly benefit from cannabis; smoking can prevent them from experiencing side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

The Best Strains for Focus

Of course, to experience optimal results, you must pick the best strains for focus. Generally, you should opt for Sativa strains, as these are known for their energizing effects. If you feel reduced productivity, you may be utilizing Indica strains. Below, we list some names to look out for the next time you’re searching for the perfect focus-boosting strains.

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Durban Poison

Originating from South Africa, Durban Poison is not only a long-time favorite for medicinal and recreational use, but it’s also a common and preferred choice for beginners. This potent Sativa has an earthy aroma and vibrant aftertaste, and the strain is an ideal companion when exploring new places or socializing with others.

Lucid Blue

A mostly Sativa strain, Lucid Blue will leave you feeling content. This strain not only has a fruity scent, but it provides a dreamy, floaty high without overwhelming the user. Because of this effect, you’ll still feel ready to check all the items off your list.

Red Congolese

This pure Sativa strain presents the clarity needed for working on your next projects. Although Red Congolese has a strong — and perhaps off-putting — smell it is one of the most ideal options for stress relief.

Sour Breath

If you cross Lamb’s Bread and Sour Diesel, you’re left with a wonderful Sativa-dominant hybrid strain called Sour Breath. Sour Breath is a strain that easily inspires creativity and proves to be the perfect productivity partner, especially when you must focus on one task at a time. Due to its sour taste — and the euphoric high it produces — it’s no wonder many seek it out.

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The Best Terpenes for Focus

Cannabis terpenes help to differentiate strains from one another, especially when it comes to aromas and flavor profiles. In other words, people will experience different effects from different types of weed. If you’re curious about the best terpenes for focus, we touch on a few common ones.

Alpha Pinene

This terpene is actually one of the most common you’ll find in cannabis. As its name suggests, alpha-pinene boasts a fir and pine smell. This terpene enhances cognitive function and memory, so you’re able to process information better than before. Strains containing this terpene include Island Sweet Skunk, Jack Herer, and OG Kush.


Found in various herbs and spices such as black pepper, clove, oregano, and rosemary,  beta-caryophyllene offers a spicy kick. This terpene delivers an invigorating and uplifting experience for both body and mind. A few of the most common strains that boast this terpene are Blueberry Cheesecake, Purple Punch, and White Widow.


Citrus — such as lemons and limes — contain limonene. As you can probably guess, this terpene has a bright, revitalizing smell and flavor. Additionally, you’ll simultaneously feel your energy heighten and your stress melt away. To reap all the benefits from this terpene, consider strains like Cookies and Cream, Emerald Jack, and Liberty Haze.

Important Dosing Information and Closing Thoughts

Cannabis is a powerful tool that can greatly impact how we feel on a day-to-day basis. As such, the dosage will play a huge role in your cannabis experience. For example, too much cannabis too quickly may result in adverse effects, such as nausea and paranoia.

It’s always best to test new strains before fully committing to using them daily. To ensure you can complete chores or embark on errands without unwelcome interruptions, we suggest beginning with minimal cannabis at first, then, gradually increasing your dosage. Since the best strains for focus are super stimulating Sativas, you’ll likely find a smaller helping is more than enough.

Can weed help you focus? In short, yes. While cannabis doesn’t directly contribute to improved focus, it may make a difference. Whether you wish to clean, organize, read, study, or complete other tasks that involve ample concentration, consider consuming edibles or lighting up beforehand.

No doubt, you probably plan to be productive and enjoy cannabis from the comfort of your apartment or home. So, to ensure you’re a courteous housemate or roommate, the weed smell has to go. Cannabolish’s stellar range of odor absorbing products also works in a pinch. Thanks to effective plant-based ingredients, our candles, gels, and sprays sufficiently remove odors and leave your space smelling fresh and divine.

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