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Best Smoke Odor Eliminator for Cannabis

Odors from smoke are not all the same. For instance, smoke from cooking is chemically different than the smoke billowing from a campfire. The same goes for other smoke from sources like tobacco and various strains of cannabis.

Your best bet to get rid of smoke smell is to introduce a smoke odor neutralizer spray immediately, but not every odor eliminator is treated equally. Because of its artificial fragrances, chemicals, and perfumes, some air fresheners may actually cause more harm than good.

Read below to learn more about why Cannabolish is one of the best smoke odor eliminators on the market. And find out why so many cannabis users are turning to Cannabolish to eliminate smoke odors.

1. Cannabolish Uses Natural Ingredients

One reason Cannabolish is such a great air neutralizer for smoke is because it contains natural ingredients. With a proprietary blend of plant oils, Cannabolish Odor Removing Room Spray has proven effective in getting rid of weed smell in every room of your house, your apartment, and even your car.

To use, spray Cannabolish in the room immediately after a session. The plant oils inside bind to odor molecules and naturally absorb them, neutralizing their scent. 

2. Multiple Sizes Allow For Odor Eliminating On-The-Go

In addition to natural ingredients, Cannabolish smoke neutralizer spray is easy to take on-the-go and use discreetly to get rid of the smell of miarjuana in a car, when you’re enjoying cannabis outdoors, or en route to hang with friends. 

Stash Cannabolish 2 Oz. Odor Removing Spray in a bag, glove box, or your pocket and spritz it onto your clothes or on upholstered car seats. This highly-effective air neutralizer for smoke works great against odors no matter where you enjoy cannabis, and it can even help you keep your habit discreet from friends, family, or your coworkers.

3. Cannabolish Understands the Cannabis Industry

The legalization of marijuana has caused the cannabis industry to change significantly. From states with legal weed to states that deemed cannabis an essential business during quarantine, Cannabolish has reported on those changes and continued to follow the cannabis industry closely. 

This understanding of the cannabis industry also means Cannabolish understands diverse cannabis consumption methods and culture. For example, if baking is your method of choice, Cannabolish odor removing spray is highly effective against the odors of cannabutter. Spray in the kitchen after baking your favorite treats and let the formula go to work against fumes in the air. Or burn a Cannabolish Odor Eliminating Candle and during you bake.

For those who enjoy using distillates either when cooking or smoking, Cannabolish can also be used after any session with distillate to remove lingering odor. This multifaceted use makes Cannabolish one of the best smoke odor eliminators for the novice and seasoned cannabis user.

4. Discover the Odor Eliminating Method That Works for You 

If you’re looking for an alternative to a smoke neutralizer spray for combatting odor, look no further. Cannabolish has other options when it comes to absorbing odor, too. 

You can get the same odor neutralizing benefits by burning a natural Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle before and during your sessions. Cannabolish candles are made from beeswax and, like the smoke neutralizer spray, are fragrance-free. These clean burning candles remove odors from the air and create a lovely ambience for the room. 

If you want to learn more about the many uses for Cannabolish and stay on top of cannabis industry news, check out the 421 Club. When you sign up, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on the latest in cannabis industry news and score some amazing deals on Cannabolish products. Transform your cannabis habit today with Cannabolish.

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