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Are Cannabis Vacations the Next Big Thing in Travel?

After a stressful 2020, we could all use some relaxation. Instead of booking your usual visit to the beach or the mountains, why not consider a vacation that might be even more relaxing? No, not a wine tour or a simple spa retreat. That’s right — we’re talking cannabis vacations. 

Cannabis use has slowly gone up over the years, but a recent study conducted by the National Library of Medicine concluded that those who felt self-isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic “were found to use 20% more cannabis during the pandemic than those who did not.”

Many people needed a mental escape or “vacation” from the stress, but now that the world has started to find some sort of normalcy again, that escape can be mental and physical. Cannabis travel destinations had started to catch on before 2020, but during a time when many discovered or re-discovered their passion for cannabis, the trend is in very high demand.

If you didn’t think cannabis vacations existed, you’re in for a real treat. Now that marijuana is starting to become legal in more states, these vacations are also becoming much more accessible to the public. 

What Is a Cannabis Vacation?

A cannabis vacation or a cannabis-friendly destination is a type of travel planned around cannabis-related activities. Whether that’s visiting a growing facility, hopping to different dispensaries and cafes, or choosing special lodging that permits the use of cannabis, cannabis tourism is going off without a hitch as things start to open back up and recreational cannabis becomes legal.

If you’re itching to get out and about and you enjoy an occasional session, here are 6 premium destinations to put in your cannabis travel guide.

6 Cannabis Travel Destinations for Your Next Relaxing Vacation

Welcome to your trusted cannabis travel guide for 2021 and beyond! Below, you will find a list of popular cannabis tourism destinations and what to expect when you book a trip. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, these vacations are a great way to learn from experts and explore destinations where the culture is passionate about consuming cannabis. If you already have a healthy relationship with cannabis, these trips may fuel your relaxation desires even more.

1. Eat Sacrilicious — Boston, Ma

New England is always a beautiful area of the country to escape to, but what will make your next trip there even more vivid is a visit with Eat Sacrilicious. This dinner series takes place in the Boston-area and features five to eight courses that feature cannabis ingredients like oils, butters, and more. Decadently-enhanced food and cannabis? What could be better?

2. High 5 Tours — Portland, Or

This trip focuses heavily on showcasing local dispensaries and taking in the picturesque Portland nature scene. This cannabis vacation explores Multnomah Falls and Green Choice Farms, two staples of Portland living. This tour is diverse, adventurous, and acts as the perfect love letter to a region of the United States that embraces and cultivates cannabis. If navigating a dispensary is new to you, no problem, we’ve got you covered.

3. Puff, Pass and Paint — Denver, Co, Washington D.C., and Boston, Ma

What started as a retreat for art lovers, has turned into a cannabis travel destination that encourages attendees to explore art, fitness, cannabis cooking classes, and more! You do have to BYOC (bring your own cannabis), but the environment is welcoming, fun, and open to those just getting started with cannabis, too!

If you’re not sure how to travel with cannabis, the TSA shares these tips for safe and legal travel.

4. Cannabition Cannabis Museum — Las Vegas, NV

Coming soon… cannabis lovers will be able to actually get inside the Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Vegas, but until then the cannabis social scene surrounding the museum is where the action lives. When it opens, Cannabition will be a place to learn the history of cannabis, the science behind the effects of consuming cannabis, and explore the culture that has grown around it.

5. Cannabis-Infused City Cruise™ Tours — San Francisco, CA

Explore the west coast on a visitor-coined “420-friendly” tour in the heart of San Francisco! Take in the sights on a limo-guided tour that travels to dispensaries, stops for chats with local cannabis aficionados, and takes you to a relaxing retreat exclusive to those who take the tour! A complete VIP experience!

6. Glowing Goddess Getaway — Various Locations

This trip is designed specifically to celebrate cannabis with your closest friends. It is a women-only cannabis trip based in different locations around the world, with classes, workshops, camping, yoga, and more. Bonding over the effects of cannabis in your personal life is what really makes this trip unique and meaningful.

If you’ve been in the house for too long and are ready to break away on a real vacation, book a cannabis vacation today! While you’re traveling and smoking, it’s always good to have a trusty Cannabolish Travel-Size Odor Removing Spray in your bag.

And don’t forget these pro-travel tips when you return from your cannabis vacation — 5 Ways to Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes — and if you’re bringing some cannabis back home or to a retreat, see the best ways to Store Marijuana and Keep it Fresh.

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