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7 Most Weed Friendly Countries in the World

Countries across the globe are making history by legalizing marijuana. As cannabis continues to be the buzz of the town around the world, more countries are interested in the topic. Now more than before, there’re more countries where marijuana is legal to add to your must-visit list. Some of these countries have even turned their cities into unique weed summertime destinations.

With more countries paying attention to marijuana use, vacation plans keep multiplying by the minute. Sandy beaches, party cities, and legal weed consumption have never been better. So, restock your stash of weed, pack your bags, and get ready to start your weed tour.

If cannabis tourism matches your interest, here are the seven best weed-friendly countries to add to your bucket list:


Argentina is one of the safest countries in South America, welcoming tourists looking to explore their wildlife and rich history. To top it off, it’s among the best weed-friendly countries in the globe for medical marijuana users. It is best known for providing patients with free cannabis.

Pro Tip: Get ready for Argentina time. Argentines love to take their time. It’s almost impossible to find any business, whether a restaurant or store, open before 9 Am. So, if you’re from California or London, where people line up for coffee at 7 Am, prepare to give your early-bird life a break.


Suppose you’d like to explore high beaches and a tourist traffic-free location in South America. In that case, Uruguay is a fantastic choice for you. Uruguay was the first country ever in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. The small quiet country offers tourists weed tours that will have you exploring cannabis growing shops and have a chance to taste their signature mate with a touch of weed.

Pro Tip: Want the perfect time to visit Uruguay? Visit during its summer days, from November to February. However, it’s possible to travel the country any time of the year.


Best known as one of the best recreational marijuana destinations following Uruguay, Canada offers more than just legal weed. Its big cities, such as Toronto and Montreal, offer epic weed tours that combine the Canadian culture and marijuana. The country offers many Canadian tours that serve as your local guides and connect you with exceptional cannabis experiences. No wonder the country is rated one of the top weed-friendly countries.

Pro Tip: Plan for the road trip of your life around Canada. The country offers unmatched scenery and national parks for adventure. There’re exploration activities to match every adventurer.

The Netherlands

You’ve probably heard about the legendary Netherlands’ dramatic natural landscapes, jaw-dropping architecture, magnificent canal cruises, and weed shops. Even though marijuana consumption is not legal per se, the law has tolerated personal weed use since 1976.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to save money during your trip to The Netherlands, get yourself a museum card. The Netherlands is the epitome of art and culture and has an overabundance of prominent museums.


Should you smoke weed in Belgium? Sign signals to yes. For persons 18 or older, anyone can enjoy their favorite weed strain in Belgium, provided they’re holding an amount not more than 3 grams.

Pro Tip: while you’d like to enjoy your weed in Belgium, be discrete about that stash of weed you bought at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. You cannot carry cannabis to Belgium.


Mexico is the easiest among countries where marijuana is legal. Since the government considers marijuana a human right, it has become one of the must-visit places for weed devotees and activists. Its beautiful white sand beaches let you reconnect with nature and yourself while enjoying their locally cultivated weed.

Pro Tip: Learn the virtue of patience and not lose your mind. Waiting times at restaurants can be longer than usual.


In 2017, the government of Belize decriminalized marijuana. As long as you do not have more than 10 grams of cannabis, you can smoke in your home, public smoking area, or at your friend’s house party, provided you receive explicit permission. Because Belize’s government was kind enough to legalize weed, why not sail on a boat while enjoying the country’s incredible wildlife?

Pro Tip: Most of Belize’s wildlife sanctuaries are excellent for birdwatchers. Most of the country’s national parks are filled with beautiful bird species.

What Are the Weed Laws in the United States of America?

Marijuana legalization has a long and complex history in the US. Simply, the use, sale, and possession of marijuana are illegal under federal law. Regardless, individual states have legalized weed for either medical or recreational purposes or both, often contradictory to the federal position.

The USA marijuana laws are put as follows:

  • Cannabis is legal in 37 states
  • Marijuana products with 0.3% or more THC are illegal
  • Cannabis is classified under the Controlled Substance Act as a potential drug for abuse and is not accepted for medicinal use

While cannabis use has been normalized in some states, even states where cannabis has been fully legalized have different policies concerning criminalization, sale, and accessibility. Also, because federal laws illegalize weed, the cannabis business remains a complicated issue.

It’s not a secret that weed talk is taking over the world. As marijuana becomes a common vocabulary, other countries continue to follow the trail of weed legalization pioneers. With Countries like Germany and Switzerland looking to allow controlled use and distribution of marijuana, your list of countries that legalize marijuana will keep multiplying. So, it would help if you started your visits sooner than you think.

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