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5 Reasons to Wake and Bake in the Morning

What Does Wake and Bake Mean?

Waking and baking is the act of enjoying a morning smoke sesh. It’s a firm favorite among weed smokers and is a surefire way of starting your day off positively. Beginning your day by medicating with your preferred weed strain can help you take on the challenges of a new day with a smile on your face. Smokers attest that a wake and bake smoke is genuinely life-changing. We’ve put together this short guide to highlight the top five reasons you should wake and bake in the morning and how you can avoid the smell lingering with you all day. Smoking weed in the morning doesn’t have to damper your plans. It can help you do what you need to do most happily.

Reasons Why You Should Wake and Bake

  1. Enjoy Your Breakfast

There’s no denying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, a concerning number of Americans see nothing wrong in skipping it. Breakfast provides us with the vital energy we need to make it through until lunchtime. With a morning smoke sesh, you’ll happily take on a healthy breakfast and give your body the energy needed to thrive until lunch. The impact cannabis has on your appetite is well documented and something that people who wake and bake can enjoy. Waking and baking is the number one way to enjoy your breakfast and the host of benefits associated with a healthy meal.

  1. Boost your Mood and Creativity

A wake and bake smoke can help you kickstart your day with a smile. Cannabis is known to spark creativity in smokers’ minds, and a wake a bake sesh is the best way to achieve this. It can be what you need to get started in the morning and potentially turn a dull day into something that exudes positivity. Choosing CBD-heavy strains will help you stay creative and avoid the sedate sleepiness often associated with a breakfast smoke. Waking and baking are perfect for you to want a happy and creative day working on your projects.

  1. The Strongest Sesh

The way your body works means cannabis feels more potent in the morning. If you’re looking to medicate, waking and baking is your best option. Choosing energizing strains can help you avoid going back to bed and breeze through your day. Because of your body’s endocannabinoid system, your morning sesh feels stronger. It’s all about choosing the right strain for your plans, so it’s vital to find something that suits your preferences.

  1. Glide Through Your Morning’s Tasks

Your morning routine is arguably the least exciting part of your day. If you struggle with motivation in the mornings, you may find waking and baking will help. An energizing strain of cannabis can help you to tackle your morning routine and emerge on the other side with bountiful energy for the rest of the day. The right weed will do wonders for your productivity in the morning and is something that can help transform the way you spend your day.

  1. An Important Part of Your Wellness Routine

A medicating sesh with our favorite flower is an integral part of many people’s morning routine. A morning wellness routine forms a basis for a productive day. You can take on a myriad of tasks when you’ve taken a little time to focus on your wellness in the morning. A wake and bake can encourage relaxation throughout the day, causing increased success in your ventures.

Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed in the Morning

It’s vital to remember that all good things have their downsides. As such, you should only wake and bake when you’re sure it won’t impact you negatively. Waking and baking can be perfect for everyone as long as their circumstances allow it.

The Pros of Waking and Baking:

  • You can kickstart your appetite and enjoy your breakfast
  • Weed can hit you a little differently in the morning, with many people saying that’s when they feel most medicated
  • Starting your day off on a mellow note while sparking creativity

And the Cons:

  • If you’re smoking more potent flower, your productivity could take a dent
  • You may need a nap as you reach the late afternoon
  • You’ll be unable to drive to work

Weighing up these pros and cons can help you determine whether or not today is the day for a wake and bake or if it’s something you ought to leave until tomorrow.

Why You Should Wake and Bake — Final Thoughts

Thanks to this guide, people thinking about smoking weed in the morning should have a clearer idea of how it can help them. The joy of starting your day off on a positive note is something money can’t buy and is one of the highlights of waking and baking. While there are many pros to why you should wake and bake, one thing we haven’t touched on about the wake and bake is the risk of smelling like weed all day. You can mitigate this with the help of our products that eliminate weed smells. Cannabolish stocks spray and candles that will get rid of those lingering weed smells and help you carry on with your day free from the pungent odor of cannabis flower. We take great pride in the efficacy of our products and believe they’re an essential part of the wake and bake experience. Cannabolish has everything you need to enjoy your wake and bake in the most discreet manner possible.

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