eliminate weed odor naturally & effectively

"Effective on fabrics and in the air, Cannabolish sprays and signature candle are designed to fit into any lifestyle."
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"Instead of breaking out [an air freshener] or lighting some incense ... [use a] natural solution called Cannabolish."
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"Smell daisy-fresh thanks to this set of odor-removing products."
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Eliminate Cannabis Odor Safely & Effectively

Consume With Confidence.

Nothing beats the taste and experience of flower. But its smell can linger long after a sesh, clinging to clothes and surfaces. Thanks to Cannabolish smoke odor eliminators, you can consume discreetly and confidently.
It’s All in The Ingredients
Unlike some air fresheners or odor eliminators, Cannabolish doesn’t cover up smells with other scents. Each product relies on the safe, natural chemistry of plant oils to neutralize odors at the molecular level … so you can feel good about what you’re breathing in.


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